Sunday, February 3, 2008

i love weekends

thanks everyone for voting in my poll. maybe i'll have a new one on monday - seeing results is more fun than you might think. i made a fruit salad this morning with the only fruits in my house - mango, banana, and apple. chopped and sprinkled with sugar. i am sure it is good but i haven't tried it yet. my boyfriend is still sleeping and better for the sugar to really sink in to the fruits and make everything supersweet and delicious. too bad it's monday tomorrow. since friday was a snow day, i kind of feel like i had a long weekend, even though i worked from home. working from home is nice once and awhile but i would go crazy doing it every day. where is the motivation to work and not watch the view? i don't actually watch the view (because i'm at work and i find blabbing shows boring) but maybe if i worked from home i would. watch it. going now! happy weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

mmm fruit salad sounds yummy. i totally hear you about the view, i really don't like it but i do kinda at the same time and would probably watch it too. happy weekend cutie!

Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Mmm..your fruit salad sounds great!

Sara said...

I love fruit salad. I agree sometimes it's great working at home and sometimes it's not so great!