Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i love exercise. i love everything about it. i love cardio. i love lifting weights. i love running when my knees don't hurt (they are starting not to!). i love sweating. i love feeling "the burn." i love endorphins. i love stretching. i love feeling strong. my point is: exercise is the BEST. ya, it's hard at first, but when you get into the swing of it, and make it a priority, you'll love it too. what's not to love. people who exercise are happier, more calm, have more regular eating habits and sleeping patterns, are probably less prone to physical injury, have better endurance... the list goes on and on.

last night i went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the ellptical and then weights. i wanted to jump on the treadmill and do a running podcast since i still hadn't gotten all my energy out, but they were all occupied. at least five of them were being repaired. boo-urns. at first i started waiting for one, but then i felt ants in my pants and figured, i'll just go outside, i like it way better anyway. it was great - 25 minutes no stopping. i mapped the run and including warm up and cool down walks it was 2.91 miles. not bad!

today's menu:
oatmeal (3)

salad with dressing (1)
tomato (0)
cheese (2)
bread (4)

rye crackers (1)
pudding cup (1)

dinner: not sure, but probabaly veggie heavy with chicken or a hamburger. or soup. i don't know.


Sara said...

YEA!!! Good Job!! I sometimes love exercise like you do and sometimes I don't! But right now I love swimming!!

Wheebs said...

Good job! Every time I read your blog I want to go exercise. Thanks for that :).

Shirls said...

wow, that is one amazing workout girl, truly impressed and I totally agree, I actually enjoy working out, never thought I'd get to "that" spot but I did, workout days are just better days