Wednesday, November 7, 2007

trying something new

last night for dinner i had a chicken tikka masala boxty. yum yum. it was an irish potato pancake wrapped around some sort of chicken tikka mush. medium spicy but not spicy enough! it came with a salad. oh yummy.

the party was also fun. a lot of my friends came and we laughed it up. also i won a door prize. a "denver hayes" leather jacket from mark's work warehouse. oh boy. men's size large haha. i wore it home because it was freezing. but i am hoping that it can be exchanged or something.

today i'm going shopping at lunch because i don't have a winter coat. i didn't get one last year because i couldn't find one i liked. i was wearing this duffel coat i had—from high school! then, one night at a bar, it was stolen from me (my keys were in the pocket too.) left in its place was a cheap, gross, but similar mariposa coat. not the same! so my point is i don't have a coat - not even one, and i'm freezing. i also need winter boots. and i hate shopping. i have shoppers rage.

so i'm trying something new food wise today, at work. i brought a bunch of stuff to eat. pretty much what i normally would eat. but instead of having this for breakfast and that for lunch and this for a snack at this exact time, im going to eat whatever i want when i'm hungry. and if i'm not hungry, i'm not going to eat it.

here is what i brought:

chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
oatmeal (2-3)
mixed berries (1)
chili (3)
2 slices body wise bread (2)

i also have a banana (2)
yogurt (1)

so far i've eaten the muffin. i'm just not feeling that hungry today, although i'll have to eat something before shopping. enraged shoppers should never go shopping hungry. it is a bad combo.

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Anonymous said...

it seems like lots of ppl are eating chili today, me included except veggie chili, it was yummy. :)