Tuesday, November 20, 2007

busy tuesday

my sickness yesterday took all my energy at work... and it feels like lately i have a lot of work business to take care of. only today do i finally have a moment to catch up on my blog reading. one of my favourite bloggers to read (don't stop believin') has cancelled her blog, i think, which is sad. so, mystery blog girl, if you are reading this, i say: come back!

last night i went to the gym (despite my sickness - yes i'm that hardcore) and it made me feel a LOT better. i just did 30 minutes on the elliptical and some light weights. i also washed and changed all the sheets on my bed, including the duvet cover and that white puffy sheet with the elastic that goes under the fitted sheet. i changed oliver's litterbox and took out all the trash (garbage day). i didn't bring up any boxes for packing because i realized this was not the best idea. i will just get them as i need them. so today, my to-do list after work is:

1) go through bedside table which is really two drawers of "junk." when i say junk, i mean junk! like old pedometers that came with mcdonald's salads when they first came out... they don't even work anymore! no keeping crap. i hate useless clutter.
2) go through underwear drawer and throw out a) all underwear that is old/gross/ashamed to be seen in during a hospital emergency, etc. b) all bras that do not fit and c) socks with holes or no matches d) old tights.

it's also my book club tonight and i want to hit the gym for some more light cardio. oh boy.

here is today's menu:
chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
1/2 banana (1)

oatmeal (3)
1/2 banana (1)

tortilla wrap (4)
cheddar cheese (2)
spinach (0)
red and green peppers (0)

dinner: not sure, as per usual.


Angie All The Way said...

Oh I feel the need to clean out my sock and underwear drawer now!

Amuldoon said...

I was so sad about her blog too... I've been checking over and over, I thought maybe it was just my computer or something! :(

Anonymous said...

i know i feel the same about her blog. i did the same kept checking, but nope she is gone.

Sara said...

I never read her blog - but after all these great comments I wish I did. I hope she is all right anyways.

Wheebs said...

You're braver than I am...I'm afraid to tackle my junk drawer :P

eurydice said...

it's very therapeutic... do it now :o)