Thursday, November 29, 2007

only thursday

guess who forgot to bring her fish pills to work again? oh, me, that's who. for some reason the phrase "fish pills" really grosses me out. my roommate said, "why don't you just eat more fish?" well, there are several reasons: 1) bleh 2) pee-you 3) no. actually i do enjoy tuna fish sandwiches and a nice fillet on occasion but being a single eater (one who prepares food mostly for oneself) i don't feel the need to plan meals and include things like "meat" or "fish." it's too much pressure and i'll save that for when i have a family, thank you.

i did take a fish pill last night though. and i do have a spot of eczema on my elbow that likes to never go away and it's mostly gone already. not too shabby!

tonight i am going to the gym and then to a euchre party. nobody loves euchre more than me! here is today's menu:

oatmeal (3)
apple (1)

zucchini (0)
lean cuisine (4)

toast (2)
mac and cheese (3)

and then party foods at the euchre party i'm sure. happy thursday everyone.


Laura said...

Why don't you leave a supply of fish pills (singing now "fish pills. fish pills. roly poly fish pills!" sorry couldn't help myself) at work so you don't have to worry about bringing them from home.

"eat them up, yum!"

eat like a caveman said...

be careful not to pop the fish pills because they can SMELL. Holy moly! The ones I take have a lemon scent in 'em and I popped them once on accident and I almost died.

Sara said...

I guess growing up as a butcher's daughter has instilled in me the want to always cook meat or fish!!

I LOVE euchre - it reminds me so much of summer and the cottage - have fun!

Shirls said...

how about simply not calling them "fish pills" and start calling them omega pills? makes them sound sooooo much more powerful, almost like you pop one and become a super hero ;0)

eurydice said...

my plan is to bring a whole bunch of "omega pills" to work, to leave here, but step one is remembering to bring some!

CaRoLyN said...

Eww Fish pills just sound stinky and gross!!