Monday, November 26, 2007

moo it's monday

i ate a lot this weekend. A LOT. i went out for dinner friday and had bah me gai, a thai-style dish, and pizza later on. on saturday i had eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, popcorn, those delicious candy nibs, chinese food, more popcorn, wine, and cheetos. yes, cheetos. on sunday morning i had leftover chinese food and pizza for breakfast. and a latte made from egg nog soymilk and espresso coffee. and chili for dinner too. yup. surprisingly i'm not up that much on the scale this morning... not even two pounds, so i'm not too worried. i eat very well during the week and i like to indulge on the weekend. work hard during the week, slack on the weekend.

on saturday afternoon i went to see 'we will rock you' the musical and it was alright. i wouldn't recommend it, but i wouldn't *not* recommend it either. if you are a musical connaisseur (like me) then you won't be that impressed. my mom gave my non-starting car a boost on saturday and luckily it started again yesterday and then this morning and i finally took it to canadian tire to have the new battery installed.

tonight is back to the gym. i am going to run on the treadmill and do weights. i should try the pool before my membership expires because they just switched it over to a saltwater pool. i got this online:

"Though the water in a saltwater pool is saline, it's actually nothing like swimming in the ocean. The salt concentration in the pool tops out at about 2800 to 4000 parts per million, compared to 50,000 parts per million in ocean water. Saltwater pools are less salty than tears (you usually can't even taste the salt) but the soft, luxurious feel of the water, not to mention freedom from the burning feeling of too much chlorine, is immediately noticeable."


here is today's menu:

coffee (0)
chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
clementine (0.5)

oatmeal (2.5)
berries (0)
pumpkin (0)

lean cuisine ravioli (5)
spinach leaves (0)
pear (1)

clementine (0.5)

chicken obviously, probably potatoes as well


Sara said...

Yeah "We will Rock You" doesn't interest me too much either. It did for a bit there when on Idol they showed it with the surviving Queen members performing which would've been awesome. But it was just for Idol. Oh well. I do love Queen!

Are you going to renew your swim membership?

eurydice said...

No, because there is a pool in the new condo! And I'm so close to the lake, I'll just jump right in... kidding obviously haha.