Thursday, November 22, 2007

thursday already?

yep thursday already. i didn't do my "moving to-do" last night. i was just in a daze. my bf is a teacher and they had some sort of party for the kids at lunch. one of the student's fathers owns a portuguese chicken restaurant and brought so much chicken and potatoes and french fries, etc. pretty good party except there was so much chicken leftover and now i have 30 chicken legs and breasts in my fridge. oh, it's a lot of chicken alright. luckily i love chicken and i'm happy to have it because chicken is not cheap. plus, already cooked... bonus. we made chicken poutine last night with the potato balls and chicken of course, and i made chicken sandwiches for lunch, and maybe i'll have to have chicken soup for dinner tonight. i hope i don't start laying eggs or something.

this is my to-do list for today:
1) go shopping after work and be home at a reasonable time.
2) hit the gym
3) go through the closet - should have done this yesterday
3.5) eat chicken
4) there are four large tupperware bins under the basement stairs and i am going through them.
5) set up electricity in new apartment
6) eat chicken

today's menu:

bran flakes and soy milk (small amount 1)
chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
chicken, no i'm not joking (0.5)

lean cuisine (5)
steamed butternut squash - i didn't eat this yesterday (1)

1 rye cracker (.5)
chicken sandwich, bread (2), chicken 2 oz. (2)

chicken soup of course.

ps. i was trying to google chicken images and came across THIS. at your own risk of course.


Wheebs said...

Woohoo, free chicken!

Randi said...

No I will not be looking, thanks for the warning.

Funny about your charming BF. Mine also is very social and charming and will talk to anyone all the time. But I think this is hindering my social progress, I just let him do it all. cashiers, waitresses, anybody who has a little kid. He also is the Don Juan to anyone under 16 and over 60.

CaRoLyN said...

EEEwwwww I shouldn't have looked. Please tell me people don't eat that.

Do you have a recipe for good chicken soup? I have been trying to come up with a WW friendly one but haven't really seen much. I have a bunch of frozen chicken in my freezer that I have been wondering what to do with. I'd love to make a soup and then freeze for lunches!

You are one busy girl! Your to do list is massive. Especially for one day! I should go through my closet too.....hmm

Thanks for the tips!

Shirls said...

ok seriously this line "i hope i don't start laying eggs or something." made me chuckle!

and honestly if you are going to eat deep fried coated chicken from McDee's maybe a really gross deep fried, coated, chicken head is just what you need in place of a kick to the head? just saying..

eurydice said...

carolyn: no, i don't have a good chicken soup recipe. my plan is to take a normal soup, like tomato or something else, and add chicken.

Sara said...

I hope you were able to get everything done last night!

I so love free food - I totally get off on it. I know I'm sick!