Thursday, November 15, 2007

thursday BLEH

today i feel like crap. i was up in the night with nightmares about big moths flying into my hair. what in the world? i think i'm sick. it's my throat or something. but i am still at work. why? because i am hardcore! actually because i am getting my hair cut right after work today at the aveda school salon and it's really close to my office. usually in the morning i don't mind getting out of bed at all, but today... i could have kept snoozing in a major major way.

last night i did day two of week seven of the running podcasts, which is 25 minutes nonstop running. next week is 28 minutes, and the week after is 30, which i don't think should be a problem. what's five more measley little minutes? while i was running i hit a stoplight, and because i don't want to stop and lose momentum, i find a concrete step and go up and down, up and down. well, i was doing that and this asian man starts giving me the thumbs up and says, "good - active! - slim physique!" while i usually like to be recognized for the effort i'm making to keep a slim physique, not on a busy street corner! everyone else was cracking up. i was too actually, haha. he asked if i was going to run 10 miles... hahaha ya buddy, 10 miles.

anyhoo, the scale showed me up today but i didn't eat dinner until 9pm last night, and i had leftover chicken panang, which is basically peanuts ground up into a delicious coconut milk peanut sauce of wonder. not points friendly i'm sure.

here is today's menu:

chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
1/2 banana (1)

oatmeal (2.5)
1/2 banana (1)
20g raisins (1)

mac and cheese (3)
2 slices bread (4)

leftover curry cauliflower soup (?)


Randi said...

Good for you on your running! I hate getting to a light and stopping but I also hate jogging in place or something dorky. I usually turn a corner and go somewhere else. Who am I kidding, it's been years since I get a traffic light, I jog in suburbia.
Make sure you're taking your vitamins for that throat thing! and lots of water!

Sara said...

Good for you for doing the steps - I always stop!!! That panang sounds good - I need to try it!

Wheebs said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha! Too funny about that guy on the corner! Nice compliment though :). Good job!

Angie All The Way said...

lol That's an awesome compliment coming from a stranger for sure! That's how the public is seeing you, one of those slim little fit funners! That's really awesome and good for you buddy!