Monday, November 12, 2007

mourning monday

not really "mourning" anything except the weekend. i bought my cat oliver a "luxury cat scratching post and stand" thing and he broke off the fluffy ball on the elastic string in less than an hour. GREAT. he's very naughty but cute so he gets away with everything.

the chocolate peppermint soymilk i posted in friday's entry is out of this world. it's not that low in calories, but still, unbelievably tasty. i made lattes with it on sunday morning. it was christmas bliss.

on saturday i finished week six of the running podcasts, which is 25 minutes running, without stopping. i couldn't believe that i could do it. i was trying to boost myself up by telling myself i could do it, but was still having doubts. if you think you can't do something you probably won't be able to. week seven is three sessions of running 25 minutes. week eight is three sessions of 28 minutes, and the final week is three sessions of 30 minutes. then i will run around the world.

on that note, here is the menu for this rainy monday.

chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
oatmeal with berries (2)

obscene amount of fresh greens (0)
fat free caesar dressing (1)
lean cuisine (5)

slice of mulitgrain bread (2)

dinner: it's a mystery!

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Mrs. Furious said...

then i will run around the world
your are cute :)