Monday, November 19, 2007


it's monday and i'm really sick today. but since i took friday off, i couldn't stay home today... well, i could have, but a four-day weekend, come on. i'm trying to suck it up and get on with my day. thankfully my office supplies kleenex brand facial tissues. :o)

my exciting surprise date on friday was a trip to...

MEDIEVAL TIMES dinner theatre and jousting tournament. i had never been and always wanted to go. it was a pretty good time, i must say!

i am moving in less than three weeks, and i haven't done any packing yet. i think from today until moving day, i should make a little "to-do" list everyday - so i'm not overwhelmed when the big day comes.

1) pick up all the dirty clothes off bedroom floor - put them in laundry basket
2) wash and change sheets
3) bring up cardboard boxes from storage room (luckily i kept these from my last move!)

it may not seem like a lot, but i'm sick and i have plans with a friend after work. so it goes!

here is today's menu:

chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
oatmeal (2)
berries (0)

tortilla wrap (4)
30g cheddar cheese (2)
spinach (0)
red and green peppers (0)
tomato, chopped (0)

baby carrots and cauliflower (0)
ff sour cream dip (1)
clementine (0.5)

dinner: not too sure.


Angie All The Way said...

Yup, you're right, if you start getting organized now, it will be less overwhelming with the time comes. I helped my Dad pack for his move over the weekend and let me tell ya, he left it all for the last minute and I had to haul ass!

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow :-)

Sara said...

I hope that you are feeling better! Good Luck getting your to do list done today!!