Friday, November 9, 2007

fabulous friday

between last night and this morning i really tcb. (takin' care of business.) after work i couldn't go home because my landlord was showing the apartment (again!) so i went to the mall to try on my new coat in a size smaller. the smallest size was really too small so i'm happy with the one i have. i also got new winter boots. they are great. they come almost to the knee and have a small heel, so they are comfortable and stylish. and they zip up over my skinny jeans and make me look like a somebody. my winter outerwear wardrobe is complete!

after the mall i returned some library books and hit up the gym, where i used the elliptical, did weights, and did day two week six of the running podcasts. hardcore! then i went home, started taping grey's anatomy, put some brussel sprouts in the oven, and walked to shoppers drug mart to buy some hair dye. then i came home, ate dinner (with leftover shepherd's pie) while watching the biggest loser i had taped previously, did two loads of laundry, sprayed my leather (fall) coat with protective spray, and crashed. then this morning i did another load of laundry and dyed my hair. (my hair is medium brown and i dye it dark brown.)

guess what i found in dominion yesterday...


and this:

Hungry Girl is always talking about them. you can find nutritional info here. i love making lattes at home with soymilk because it gives them a nutty flavour - i can't wait to try it with these.

friday is weigh in day and this week i lost two pounds, so am still in my comfort zone.

today's menu:
chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)

1/2 cup oatmeal (3)
1/3 cup pumpkin (0)
1 T slivered almonds (1)

lean cuisine (5)

raisins (2)

dinner: who knows.


Wheebs said...

Winter boots are the best :D

Laura said...

ooo! Hopefully I can find those drink flavours in Montreal.

Sounds like you were extra productive yesterday. Congrats.

Shirls said...

wow, you really did tcb girl, I went home and did nothing, you are amazing.

Sara said...

Wow that was hardcore of you! Those drinks look fab - were they expensive and how many servings?

3 pre-1 memories. All while in Vancouver visiting my aunt and uncle with my mom.

1. Sitting in my uncles old kitchen (they moved right after this visit) in a baby chair thingy on the floor with my teddy bear. Looking at the adults sitting at the kitchen table with a wall full of windows behind. They were eating red food (was lobster).
2. Riding on a train. My aunt was falling asleep so I gave her my teddy bear.
3. Very sleepy on the plane as it started to take off. I woke up again as it was landing.

After I was 1 I didn't go back to BC until I was 11.

Bi0nicw0man said...


Chocolate Mint!!!! Dude, we'd better have that around here!!