Wednesday, November 7, 2007

trying something new update

1) i got a new coat at lunch, but no boots. it's this coat but cream coloured.

the collar is really nice. it goes up high - halfway up my face. so no need for a scarf and i can also look shifty and incognito like a p.i.

2) i am not hungry. seriously. i ate a chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1) for breakfast and around 12:30 ate oatmeal with a bit of milk and 1/2 cup berries. (3) that is 4 points total people! but i'm just not hungry. i'm drinking tea right now and it's lovely. the thought of eating makes me want to, but after thinking about it... i'm just not hungry. ok now i had 2 pieces of toast - add on 2 more points. but still 6 points is not that much.

will wonders never cease!?


Randi said...

I like it! I'm scared of a light colored coat though. be careful it doesn't get dirty!
Make sure you're fueling your body enough. If you're not hungry all day doesn't mean you don't need to eat all day. Your body does need food.

Anonymous said...

i love that coat, where did you get it?

eurydice said...

but hunger is your body's way of saying, "i want more food," right? anyway i'm just testing it out.

and shannon: it's from jacob!

katieo said...

LOVE the coat. Sassy. Tailored. Not exactly my m.o. right now but eventually! :)

Wheebs said...

I love the coat!

Our bodies are actually kind of dumb...there are a lot of reasons it could be neglecting to let you know that is needs food. Be careful :)

Laura said...

What a gorgeous coat! Take care of yourself and be sure to give yourself enough fuel.

Thanks for the lunch tips. I'm working on getting myself out of the lunch rut.

Thanks for linking me on your blog. Please humour me though, and take off my last name (May). I'd appreciate it.