Friday, November 2, 2007

guess what?

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or at least i think i did. what is it? day 3 of week 5 of the couch to 5k running program a.k.a. running for 20 minutes without stopping. my ipod cut out (even after charging to full battery yesterday) after about 17 minutes of running so i had to guess the last three. maybe i over-estimated ha! i just took it slow and steady and it was allllllllllllright! by the end i thought my knees might snap but i still made it. hopefully that will get better after time.

friday=weigh-in. last week 122.8 and this week 122.4. great!

this weekend is going to be fun. tonight i'm going RELAX and watch "knocked up," and tomorrow i am going to the university of toronto, mississauga campus, to see my sister in a production of david copperfield. she has a leading role and i can't wait! and then later it's back to the city for an engagement party.

here is today's menu:

1/2 fibre one bar (1)

oatmeal with milk and almonds (3)

2 slices low-cal bread (1)
chef boyardee lasagna (4)

tall non-fat latte (2)
1/2 fibre one bar (1)
mini aero bar (1)

dinner: not sure yet.


Angie All The Way said...

Nice! That's awesome! Do you "run" run, or do you "treadmill" run? Just curious because I find I could do the 20 mins semi-easily on the treadmill, but outside in real life, it's HARD HARD! I'm not a runner at ALL though, but am trying to not be a complete rookie now. lol

(I'm totally addicted to oatmeal now and I'm having it for lunch!)

eurydice said...

i run outside, but i do more of a "jog" run if you know what i mean... i'm definitely not going too fast. i just find the treadmill really boring (although i'll use it at the gym if it's raining), and i hate watching the time and calories tick by! i like to be distracted by nature and shops and houses, etc.

ps. oatmeal - def. a cold weather comfort food mmmmmmm.

Randi said...

Congrats! that's awesome. Do you have knee injuries or issues or is it just not used to the work? You can very easily hurt your knees running. Be careful.
You have to do it slow and steady until all your parts are at the same fitness level (your legs etc might not be ready for endurance but your heart is or vice versa). The couch to 5K is really good. Do you use the podcasts?

eurydice said...

randi: i think i'm just not used to the work. since i started working out in university i only swam laps or used the elliptical - both are no impact at all! so i'm hoping i just have to get used to it.

Sara said...

Congrats on completing the run - I totally knew you could do it!!