Wednesday, November 14, 2007


i'm happy it's wednesday because the week is almost half over. yesterday one of my friends sent me this little gem about tuesday. oh, it's funny because it's true, like so maybe things.

i need to admit that i have an addiction to american apparel. i love simple clothes that fit well, are made of cotton and spandex, and don't have any slogans or writing on them. it's genious! true, some of the clothes may seem expensive, but they are all made in a sweatshop-free-factory in downtown LA and that's pretty cool. i love the leggings and the dresses. i also have a bathing suit from aa. groovy!

this morning i woke up early and made chocolate chip banana bran muffins. only, i like to add a bit of vanilla, and today i decided to use 1/2 semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1/2 white chocolate chips. oh boy! i had one for breakfast (who can resist warm, fresh-baked goods! no one, that's who!) and it was very tasty and the two-colour chips looked very appealing.

yesterday in the grocery store i FINALLY found no-sugar-added pudding cups. i avoided pudding cups in the past because a) i could really take it or leave it—pudding is good but not that special and b) the ones with sugar are sugar laden and 2 points a.k.a not worth it. but the no-sugar added ones are only 1 point and have 0g of sugar. i don't really "get" how they taste so delicious. i got vanilla even though i spent a few minutes debating between that and butterscotch. i couldn't find them before because they are not kept with the regular pudding cups, they are kept with the dairy in the cold section. what in the world?

this week has been good and on plan so far. i am still trying to eat only when hungry and it's going pretty well. i went to the gym last night before meeting up with a friend for some drinks/gossip. who wants one?

here is today's menu:

chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)
oatmeal with pumpkin (3)
chefboyardee ravoli microwave cup (4)
salad with dressing (1)

semi-total (9)
i have some leftover panang thai so perhaps for dinner i'll steam some rice and dump it on. the word "dump" definitely makes it sound less appetizing but trust me, it's good.


Sara said...

oatmeal with pumpkin huh? How do you make it?

We went to the Outlet Mall, Target and Walmart in Niagara Falls - some okay deals.

The Book Sale was only for employees and members - sorry should've mentioned that!

Wheebs said...

AA has some really nice clothes!

Shirls said...

I love the idea of 2 colors of chips, I'm so stealing that one. And american apparel you say, now I have to check that out...

eurydice said...

oatmeal with pumpkin huh? How do you make it?

well, i make old fashion oatmeal, by boiling 2 parts water and 1 part oats, simmer for 15 minutes. then i add cinnamon and splenda brown sugar. then i just add 1/2 cup of pumpkin. it's a weird texture, but it tastes pretty good. sort of like pumpkin pie.

And american apparel you say, now I have to check that out...

check it out for sure! i usually go into a store to make sure my sizes are correct, and then i order online because the colour selection is way better, shipping is free and it comes really fast in canada... and to return is just paying for shipping back, so not a huge deal.

P.O.M. said...

wowsers - that pic of the wine is making look forward to this weekend. Wine time galore!