Wednesday, November 21, 2007

on the hunt wednesday

have you ever shopped for clothes, bought stuff you thought you liked, and then brought it home and decided you hated everything? or that it's just boring? well that happened to me. i had these two $20 cards at smart set and i had to use them between nov. 4 and the 14th. i went a few times during this period, but didn't really see anything i was that into. but then of course i had to use the coupons, so there was pressure to buy new stuff. but now i really don't like my new stuff. in fact, one might say, i hate it! so i'm going to return it today. hopefully they will still let me return the stuff because i used the coupons. or that the salesgirl won't notice and just give me a refund anyway.

last night i got the stuff i wanted done. i love takin' care of business. and elvis too. the junk drawer was pretty easy. i threw out most tickets (except for the best concerts like depeche mode), all crap, photos that were stuck together, old notes, glittery stars (don't ask), a bag full of googly eyes (again, don't ask), old keys, etc. the underwear drawer was easier. it felt good to throw my old bras into the can. at first i thought, maybe my sister would want them (some aren't old, only worn a few times, but the wrong (sigh) size), but then thought, who would want anyone else's old underwear? no one, that's who! and if you do... you're sick. sick! yah, i said it.

tonight my bf is coming over for a home-date so my order of moving business is to have a go-through-the-closest fashion show and get rid of things i won't/can't wear anymore.

today's menu:

oatmeal (3)

veggies and dip (1)
chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)

steamed butternut squash (1)
lean cuisine (4)

everyone's favourite, homemade poutine (?)


Wheebs said...

Ugh...I've definitely come home with clothes and thought to myself "why the hell did I buy this?" Maybe if they don't take them back you can give them to a friend or donate them to charity or something. At least that way they won't be hanging in your closet taunting you :P.

I'm still staying far away from my junk drawer. It can stay the way it is until I pack up and move out of here in a year or two :P lol!

Mrs. Furious said...

I know you are busy... I know... but I had to do it.

CaRoLyN said...

I've done that too! I'll go out and buy something just because I needed a new shirt and then when I try it on at home, it looks awful or I'm just not feeling!
Have a good date tonight!

eurydice said...

they took the clothes back - yahoo!