Wednesday, November 28, 2007

something smells fishy

i forgot to mention that yesterday i bought "salmon and fish oil capsules" which contain the good stuff from fish, those omega-3's everyone is raving on about, and other essential fatty acids. i probably don't eat enough fat in my regular diet so i'm hoping these will help. i also hear that these pills will give you better skin, nails, and hair. by "better" i mean healthier haha.

i took one last night with dinner but forgot to bring any to work today. you are supposed to take one thrice daily with meals. that's a lotta fish.


Randi said...

Not only are they good for all that. They're supposed to be super helpful in fat loss! What brand are they and where'd you get em? I can only find Omega 3 capsules or flax seed oil. Not fish oil.

Angie All The Way said...

Yeah, spill girl, spill!

Shirls said...

I take 3,6,9 every day, love them. I can't add oil into my cooking as hubby reacts badly to it so this is how I do it. Actually I started taking oils long before WW as a means of dealing with severe dry skin in the winter especially, welcome to Alberta.. sigh.

The awesome things about oil, better skin, better connections between brian cells, better lubed intestines (gross but true)

oh and did you know that if your dehyrdated even slightly, say from the winter wind, your body naturally takes the moisture from your skin to give and protect your internal organs? Taking oils helps prevent that nastiness and stops me from literally attempting scratching my legs off..

eurydice said...

randi: they are "life" brand, which is the shoppers drug mart brand, and they are obviously from shoppers drug mart.

and i am very excited to start taking them and having luxurious winter skin haha, now if only i could remember to bring them to work!