Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Chomp Chomp

This morning I am absolutely ravenous! I have hardly had any water yet today so I'm going to try and drink it down and hold off eating until lunch.

Today's challenge is going out for dinner with a friend - luckily I suggested subway and he thought that was a terrific idea! Yes! Tomorrow night I'm cooking for the bf. Can't decide whether to make turkey chili, turkey sloppy joes, or just pick up something from the PC blue menu.

Today's menu!

B: 2 slices WW bread (1)
2 tbsp BP peanut butter (1)
1 cup cheerios (2)
1 dessert yogourt (1)

L: PC veggie lasagna (6)
carrots (0)

D: subway roast beef on whole wheat (5)
baked lays (2)

S: haven't decided yet

Activity: 40 minutes swimming (4)
40 minutes weight training (2)
12/28 for the week
180 minutes so far...

1 comment:

Angie All The Way said...

Hi there! Here is the link for those muffins, they are from Mandy's Recipe Blog:


Also, I was just peeking at your menu and just wanted to point out that most peanut butter is 2 points for 1 tbsp. I'm not sure which PB you are having, but just wanted to point it out just in case you were undercounting your points by accident!