Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Laughing Cow

B: wasa bread (1)
special k chocolatey delight (2)
skim milk (0.5)

Let it be known that special k chocolatey delight is delightful but NOT filling.

L: michelina's cheese pizza (6)
apple (1)

S: yogurt with fiber one sprinkles (1)
cauliflower (0)

Dinner: I don't know, but I have to get "snack foods" from dominion because I'm going on a beach picnic YEAH! I also only have 15 minutes in the supermarche so I've got to pre-plan what I'm getting. I'm thinking laughing cow light wedges, strawberries, and some sort of cracker... what cracker is low points? wheat thins maybe? bf is gonna love that haha.

Activity: 40 minutes swimming this morning: 4 points.

So far I've done 400 minutes of exercise in May - woot!

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