Thursday, May 17, 2007

Menu and NSV

Today's Menu:

B: chocobran (1)
oatmeal with strawberries (2)

S: yogurt (1)

L: lean cuisine (5)
strawberries (0)

S: cauliflower (0)

1/2 can tuna fish (1.5)
1 slice ww bread (.05)

D: 1/2 pc blue menu pizza (5)
salad with low fat caesar dressing (1)

Later: 1 martini (3)
diet coke (0)

S (if necessary): chocobran (1)

Activity: 40 minutes elliptical + weights = 4 points

Tomorrow morning is weigh in. I am nervous, because last week I gained and I didn't have the best weekend. I am feeling alright now, but since I feel so good about myself I don't want to sabotage it with the scale... you know?

My NSV is that I am going out for martinis tonight with 2 girlfriends. I was planning on having 2 martinis (6.5 points) but then thought - who am I kidding? Why don't I have 1 martini so I'm not depriving myself, then use the rest of those points on food!? I only get 19 points per day and don't want to waste 3.5 of them on 1 martini!!! Now I can have a pre-gym snack and pump it out hardcore.