Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Dear Blog,

Last night I didn't have any popcorn. Instead, I had a delicious bowl of cheerios (2 points) with 1 cup of light silk soy "beverage" (1 point) and blackberries. Mmmmmmm was it ever good. So good in fact, that I am considering banishing my regular popcorn snack for this new yumtastic cereal one. I do need to buy more berries though. Why are they so expensive? Don't they know I am a poor little working girl?

This morning I got up and went swimming for the first time in at least three weeks. I really like swimming and I know it's good exercise, but the thought of getting into that cold pool in the morning is just horrible haha. That is the only thing preventing me from going all the time. I have to say, it's a lot easier to swim when the weather is nice than in the wintertime!

Here is my swimming routine:

20 lengths (500 metres) front crawl
4 lengths (100 metres) kicking
10 lengths (250 metres) breast stroke
10 lengths (250 metres) front crawl
4 lengths (100 metres) kicking
5 x 1 length breast stroke (25 metres) and 1 length front crawl (25 metres)
5 x 1 length back crawl (25 metres) and 1 length front crawl (25 metres)
2 lengths (50 metres) kicking

This whole routine is 1.75 km and takes about 40 minutes. In university I would swim 2km everyday but I just don't have the time or energy anymore.

And now, here is today's menu.

Pre-gym: 1/2 chocolate chip banana bran muffin (0.5)
1 cup light silk soy beverage (1)

Breakfast: 2 slices rye toast (2)
2 tbsp PB2 peanut butter (1)

Lunch: spinach (0)
fat free caesar dressing (1)
sun dried tomatoes (0)
carrots (0)
tuna (3)
yogurt (1)

Snack: 1 slice rye bread (1)
carrots (0)

Dinner: chicken breast (2)
ww hamburger bun (2)
alexia fries 24 pieces (2) AND I found these at my local Dominion - I thought they were US only! Bonus!!! They were expensive though. :o(
green beans (0)

Snack: popcorn maybe (3) or cheerios with soy (3) or something! Mmmmmm. I love cheerios. Next time I should get the multigrain ones!

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