Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wine and Other Booze Related Drinks

Here is my Wednesday menu thus far:

Pre-gym: chocolate chip banana bran muffin (1)

1 cup cheerios (2)
1 cup light silk soy beverage (1)
3 strawberries (0)
6 blueberries (0)
5 blackberries (0)

2 cups spinach (0)
1 can white tuna (3) When I plugged this into ww online it said that 1 can of this tuna is 1 point. BUT it's 3 points. Why is it saying 1 point!!!! WHY!?
sun dried tomatos (0)
dressing (1)
carrots (0)

Snack: carrots (0)
Either all-bran bar (2) or yogurt (1)

Tonight I'm making dinner for my boyfriend. We are going to have salsa turkey sloppy joes and drink wine, so I have to save up points for the wine.

I constantly have this inner debate about alcohol. I love drinking. I love it. Not to excess, but I love hanging around and having a couple of beers or glasses of wine. I just love it. But, I've read a lot of literature that says if you are serious about losing weight, you should not be drinking or you should be seriously limiting your intake. I have limited it some. Usually my flex points are saved for weekend drinking. Hopefully I am not using 35 points per week on booze though! Then I think, since this is an issue I feel strongly about, and maybe refuse to compromise on, maybe I am not that serious about losing weight. But then I think, everyone's lifestyle is different. Maybe if I were married and spent weekends at home with a family I wouldn't feel like I wanted to drink so much. Maybe if I didn't like going out and dancing every weekend - instead stay home and rent a movie or something, I wouldn't want to drink as much either. I don't know. Just rambling.

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marie said...

for the first few months that i got back on track with WW last year, i used to save most of my flex for friday nights and blew them on alcohol. But I can't drink at all now and i hate to waste points on most beverages (although i LOOOOVE chocolate milk after a long run!).

nothing wrong with saving FPs for a glass or two of wine though. enjoy the treat.