Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Menu Day 3 plus Food Find

Yesterday I went shopping at No Frills and bought TONS of yummy products. Specifically, 2 of the new stone baked PC Blue Menu pizzas, blue menu chicken burgers, pumpernickel bread, 100 calorie luna cakes YUUUUMMMM (although I haven't tried them yet haha) and more.

I also found these potato chip like things at Shopper's Drug Mart.
They are 1 point per cup, and 6 points for the whole entire bag. Granted they are not filling at all, but pretty damn tasty! I've tried the lime ones and they were really good. And I bought the sour cream and onion ones today.

B: english muffin (2)

S: 4 multifibre melba toast (1)

L: 2 slices rye bread (2)
2 slices ff chicken (1)
carrots (0)
cauliflower (0)
ff dip (1)

S: carrots and cauliflower (0)

D: 3 fat chicks turkey sloppy joes - 2 of them (8)
veggies (0)

The rest of the points are for booze. Sad but true.

Activity: I might walk home from work for 2 points. Who am I kidding, haha, I probably won't. It is a great day though and I did buy inserts for my shoes. Hmmmmm. :o)

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