Thursday, May 24, 2007


Good morning. Today I have discovered Quaker's Caramel Chocolate Chip rice cakes. Mmmmm only 1 point and great for a snack. It satisfies more of a sweet tooth than hunger though.

B: Quaker more fiber berry oatmeal (2)

L: Michelina's veg. pizza (5)
mixed veggies (0)

S: caramel chocolate chip ricecake (1)
amaretti cookies 10 (2)
Note: This is my first time having these cookies and while they are light and delicious, 10 is too many. Too much of the same taste!

D: ww bun (2)
pc blue menu lentil and bean patty (3)
green beans (0)
steamed cauliflower (0)

S: bag of smart-pop (3)
chocobran muffin, maybe (1)

Activity: Either 4 or 6 points at the gym, depending on how lazy I am!

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