Thursday, April 3, 2008

z is for zombie

is the week over yet? guess what fellow bloggers? the painting is finished! well, almost. i still have to do touch ups but i did a bit of them last night and it's actually fun. i love precise painting, i just dislike the big scale roller-style painting ya know? but it's over. i took the tape off too soon and it made a bit of a goopy paint mess, but it was fixed with touchups. i didn't go to bed until late last night so i am very tired today. but i wanted to finish painting, clean up all the painting stuff so i didn't have to look at it anymore, and clean the kitchen. i am having a friend over tonight and i want my apartment to be spotless and beautiful, not painty and messy and gross.

so now my bedroom is green. but - i have a red and black plaid duvet cover. oops. it's ugly anyway so this is the perfect excuse to give it the heave-ho. i want something patterned. something yellow and white and black. those specifications only! one more day until the weekend. ;)

in other news, my eating has been going pretty good and i'm exercising a lot, and i'm beginning to see some real ab definition. i may or may not post a picture. on the one hand, i want to show off my awesome new abs (years in development haha) but on the other hand, do i really want a picture of my stomach on the internet? on a blog? for the world to see? and would it be one of those fishing for compliments things? i mean, i deserve compliments because i worked hard! would other bloggers say nice things in my comments but then think mean thoughts in their heads? not that any of you think mean thoughts haha. and i don't like thinking about mean thoughts. what a scattered post. obviously i am not getting enough sleep but that is what weekends are for.

this morning i ran (outside woohoo in the city sunshine) for four miles, then came inside and did four miles on the bike (which really isn't that much... about 15 minutes) and did some ab work. it's another busy day at work and i work best in the morning (as opposed to the afternoon) so i'm gonna tcb (take care of business). today i'm eating:

fibre source granola bar (2) - did you know these have HFCS! i am still eating mine...

yogurt with strawberries (1.5)

oatmeal with added flax and all bran (3)

sol cuisine veggie burger (2)
ww bun (2)
spicy hummus (1)
green beans (0)

yogurt and strawberries (1.5)

apple (1)

carrots and hummus (1)

spaghetti squash (1)
salad with dressing (2)
turkey grill em sausage (2)

wine with my friend (4)


Jennifer said...

Post the abs pic! LOL. I'd like to see!

Hey, I have a question. How do you manage to get your workouts in in the morning? Do you have to wake up super crazy early? I'm guessing you have exercise equipment in your apartment?

Sorry, so many questions! LOL! ;)

Anonymous said...

i am so happy your painting is done. it must look beautiful.

Jenn said...

Yay for the painting being done!!! How awesome. I'd be getting sick of the smell by now!

I think you need to post the ab picture. No one will think mean thoughts about it. It might make us jealous, but it will motivate us to be as awesome as you. You've worked hard, you deserve to be praised!!

Sarah said...

Good job on the painting!! And I totally think you post pics of your abs! Brag it up! There's got to be some perks for working out so hard!

Randi said...

Good workout! and in the am, I'm impressed.

I totally avoid all kinds of granola bars whenever possible because they all have crazy ingredients and are more like desserts than breakfasts imo. So much sugar and the HFCS. But sometimes when you're in a rush you gotta.

Haley said...

Nothing feel so good as being done painting -- congrats on finishing!

I've been meaning to fix all my painting booboo's for the or so... yikes.

Erin said...

I know what you mean about putting it out there for the world to see...I was even afraid at first to put up a profile picture! And every now and then some weirdo stumbles across my blog and leaves a weird comment, and it freaks me out a bit....

Yay for painting!

P.O.M. said...


Can you tell I'm excited?

have fun with your friend tonight. Im going to my girls house too - to make her dinner :)

Sara said...

yay for being done painting and for running 4 miles today!! It is so nice here - totally love T. when it is like this!

Crystal said...

Congrats on finishing the painting project-bet that feels good. I would post the abs pic. You've worked hard and you deserve to show the results.

Cara said...

I say post it for yourself, and if anyone thinks mean thoughts they are lame and shouldn't care what they say.

You kicked ass, so why not fish for compliments? You earned them!