Tuesday, April 8, 2008

some new goals

hello everybody. yesterday i was a snacking machine. i think those steel cut oats in the morning messed up my "flo." i just wasn't into them. i made four servings, ate one right away (on sunday night) and put three into tupperware for the week. but then i thought that one serving wasn't enough for me, so i divided one into the other two containers, making each portion 1.5 servings. blah blah blah. are these details really necessary? anyway, yesterday at work my stomach was killing me! i couldn't figure out what was wrong, but eventually i pinpointed it as gas. tmi, i know. when i got home from work i lay on my stomach while watching the news and then felt better.

yesterday morning i did a quick 30 minutes on the stationary bike, rode my bike to and from work, and then ran 4 miles after work. my run was brutal. why? i was just too tired. i need more sleep, so i'm going to make that a priority. starting yesterday! i went to bed at 9:30, read until 10:15, and then snoozed until 6:40. it was amazing. i feel great today! full of energy and not like a walking zombie. and i hate looking like death with dark under eye circles. now that i'm in my mid-late 20s i have to worry about this stuff. :o(

this morning i walked for an hour on the treadmill, did some strength training and sit-ups, and rode my bike to work. pretty fun. i have decided that i need to make some new goals for myself, so here they are:

1) get more sleep. sleep should be a priority! get to bed as early as possible, but by 11-11:30 at the latest.

2) ride my bike to work on every weather appropriate day. it's easy, it saves me money (transit) and it's good for health.

3) eat the food in the freezer. my freezer is so full! and full of good, healthy stuff too so i might as well eat it up.

4) go through my closet and divide everything into four piles. (i saw this on tim gunn's guide to style last night which i have never seen before and didn't finish but taped the rest of to watch another time.) one pile keeper, one pile repair, one pile giveaway and one pile nobody on earth should ever wear these hideous clothes again! good advice. i have a lot of stuff that a) doesn't look good b) doesn't fit and c) is super fug. and now with the changing seasons it's the perfect time to do this.

today's menu is:

1/4 all bran bar (pre work out)
1/4 all bran bar with 1 t peanut butter (post work out)

yogurt with grapes
oatmeal with added flax and all bran

pc blue menu frozen veggie lasagna
1/2 cup leftover veggies from last night

red, yellow, orange peppers with spicy hummus
cheese string

veggie burger on whole wheat english muffin
frozen veggies


Cara said...

Sounds like a good plan for sure. I just did that with my clothes, now I just need to get off my butt and donate them.

Jennifer said...

Your goals sound great! :)

ashley said...

Those are great new goals! I bet going through your clothes will make you appreciate certain clothes so much more!

Vanessa said...

Nice goals! I purged the winter from my closet yesterday. I love cleaning out my clothes :)

Laura said...

I like your plan. And, oh yeah, life's too short to eat food you don't like. Throw out those oats if they make you sick.

You're great.

Glam said...

I really, really need to work on the sleep thing. Sometimes, I'm only getting about 4.5 hours a night. Not pretty!

Your goals sound very smart!

P.O.M. said...

I love your #4. Cleaning out the closet is almost theraputic to me. I need a stylish friend to help me though and I'm sure nobody on earth would volunteer for the THAT job!

RunnerGirl said...

The goals look great!

death by chocolate said...

good call on making sleep a priority! it always seems to fall to the bottom of my todo list, as well.

also, thanks for posting your "transformation" pictures. you truly are a great inspiration to me! with some dedication and perservence, hopefully one day i'll be as comfortable in my skin as you are!