Monday, April 28, 2008

believe it or not

so yesterday mid-afternoon, my bf and i are shopping on queen street. we come across this store that sells vintage dresses and new dresses - i like some that are hanging outside on sale, so we go in. there is a saleswoman there who starts helping me. she is between 50 and 60 years old, tall, average weight, stringy grey hair. for the record i find salespeople who push things on you kind of annoying... shopping is annoying.

so this woman refuses to bring me any dress that is not a size medium. she said, "you look like a medium," like she's been around the block a few times. okay. the dresses are too big, but she doesn't think so. she keeps bringing me dresses that aren't my style, which is fine, but at this point i kind of want to be left alone.

i picked out this cute vintage summer dress and tried it on. the straps attached at the back with buttons, and one was missing. and it zipped up at the back. it was very fitted, but i thought really cute. i couldn't zip it up all the way at the back because i couldn't reach. i don't have gumby arms!

anyhoo, so i come out of the changeroom and my bf says, "cute" and i say, "i like it too." then the saleslady says, "it is too small. you are too big for that dress. look at you. you are popping out of it. you can't even zip it up at the back." i get my bf to finish zipping it up —it's fine. i say, "i like it. i think it looks good," and she says, "well, i think it's too small. i mean, you can buy it if you want, i'm not going to stop you, but it doesn't look good and it doesn't fit." WHAT KIND OF SALESLADY IS THIS? the worst one ever?

so the button is missing and i ask for a discount, but as it turns out the owner of the store found the button on the floor earlier in the day and sewed it on for me, which is great. then as the rude saleslady is ringing up my purchase she says, "oh, so you decided to get this dress, hmmmm? well, i guess you'll have to skip a few lunches!"

skip a few lunches? believe it or not people, believe it or not.

today's menu:

quaker weight control maple oatmeal (2)
1 T flax (0)
clementine (0.5)

coffee (0)
water (0)

source yogurt (1)
strawberries (0.5)

bread (4)
meat (1)
cheese (1)
lettuce (0)

clementine (0.5)
strawberries (0.5)
source yogurt (1)

cinnamon raisin bagel (3)

veggie burger (4)
salad (1)

and then something else, ytbd.


Comrade GoGo said...

OMFG! Someone needs to b*tchslap that saleslady!!

Shannon said...

seriously! frig. i can't believe that bitch. i can't beleive you weren't rude back.

Cara said...

What a freaking b-word!! Wow that sales lady is CRAZY. Good thing you are confident in your body, and know you look awesome.

Bi0nicw0man said... Did you tell her to shut her bitchy-ass piehole?

So now you know we all want to see pics of you in this dress right? :)

Jennifer said...

Are you fucking kidding me! What a c*nty little bitch!

I want pictures, please! :)

Jen said...

WOW! that is just absolutely ridiculous!!

I say good for you for keeping your cool and buying the fabulous dress regardless!!

Vanessa said...

All I can say is...what the fuck?

I want to see pictures of this dress so we can confirm how tiny your are in it, please and thanks :)

Erin said...

You are KIDDING me! As if. I think it would have been hard to not say anything back at her. I would have wanted to. What a brutal salesperson!

Haley said...

Uch, the rudeness! Glad you stuck to your guns and bought what you liked!

Randi said...

wowsa. Obviously she doesn't work for commission! What even goes through her head when she says that. What on earth difference does it make to her if you buy something skin tight or 3 sizes to big, your spending money in their store! Sheesh!

Let us be the judge, pictures please!

Fatinah said...

that woman needs a kick in the shins

P.O.M. said...

What a psycho hose beast. You are like the tinest little delicate flower ever.

death by chocolate said...

i agree with everyone else - that's ridiculous that she said that to you! what store was it? haha, i'll know to boycott it from here on out.

strange that you live in liberty village! there's a good chance i'll be moving there in the fall (also looking at places in corktown, little italy, and younge and college areaa).

Neha said...

WHAT? That's retarded. First of all, from all your pictures that I've seen, you look like a small and I'm sure you know your body better than a total stranger. And, second, how dare she tell you to starve yourself? It's YOUR body, and you can wear whatever you want.

Oh, and btw, I think this is the first time I've commented, but I've been reading your blog for awhile now. You're a great source of inspiration!

Glam said...

I would've bitchslapped that lady, no doubt about it.

How freakin' rude. I hope you left a complaint! You sound like you handled it better than I would've though!

Glad you got the dress. I bet it looks hot! ;)

Crystal said...

I'm speechless right now...the audacity! That is completely unacceptable comments to come from most people but especially salespeople! She's gonna get some karma for that.

Veggie Gal said...

Wow, amazing! Congratulations on handling that so well...Just unbelievable!

katieo said...

My she had on her fat glasses, LOL.

Really though, what's the deal? You - maybe not a big deal. Another girl - hello, complex! ("Am I really that fat?")

eurydice said...

for some reason i am just more dumbfounded by this woman's comments than anything. my coworkers think she wanted the dress for herself or someone she knows but i just didn't get that impression.

the store was called "brava" by the way.

and i see some new people commenting as well - welcome to my blog :o) !!!

Amanda said...

oh my god. I'm surprised you didn't say anything back. I probably would've lost my temper and snapped back with some comment.

Sara said...

wow that is absolutely ridic! I hope you were able to tell the manager!!

Lex said...

Oh MY gosh, I cannot believe that!! I can get very short tempered with cranky old ladies like that, and I would have LOVED to have said something and put her in her place. Who does she THINK she is???

It is good that you held your own, but wow, something needs to be done with that sales woman.

ashley said...

I can NOT believe that happened. I would have had a few words for her! I can't wait to see what the dress looks like!