Wednesday, April 9, 2008


why do things that are bad for you taste so good with coffee? for example: croissants, muffins, chocolate, anything with butter, pastries, etc. i am enjoying a chocolate right now, with coffee. (reheated in the office kitchen coffee but that's besides the point.) did i mention this chocolate is from italy? yes, it's true. it's sort of good but in that "icey square" chocolate kind of way, and i usually prefer harder chocolate. hopefully one square will be enough to satisfy my craving and move on.

this morning i swam for 30 minutes. when i got home from work last night i did 30 minutes on the bike downstairs and really pushed it at the end and now my legs hurt. swimming is a nice break from legs for me because most of my movement in swimming comes from my upper body. i wanted to ride my bike again to work today but it was raining. nooooooooooo! it's supposed to clear up so maybe, if i'm lucky, i can walk home.

it's funny how priorities change, isn't it? now i'm "lucky" if i can walk home, where as my mindset used to think that was one unlucky break. like if i was walking home from somewhere, and someone i knew came by in a car, and drove me the rest of the way, i'd be thrilled. now i would say, "no thanks - keep it movin' buddy!" and keep walking.

so tonight is date night, which means dinner at my bachelorette pad and watching of ANTM, good enough for me. but if my boyfriend suggests making poutine for dinner one more time, i'm gonna lose it. seriously, that is all he EVER wants to eat. and if i give in and we eat it on wednesday, he still wants it on the weekend. don't get me wrong, i love poutine. we even make a healthy (somewhat...) version, so it's not that terrible. but variety is the spice of life people, let's try something new. for those who don't know, poutine is a wonderful dish from Quebec. traditionally it's fries, topped with cheese curds and covered in gravy. mmmm. we use mccain oven fries (the lowfat variety), with part skim shredded mozzarella cheese, and a packet of powdered swiss chalet gravy (which is only about 20 calories for 1/2 cup or something). so really not bad. now that i'm going on and on about it i kind of want it too. if he wants to make dinner then i will indulge his love of poutine tonight ;)

enough blabbing. i am going shopping at lunch because on friday night i am going to a wedding shower and i have nothing to wear. nothing "classy" anyway. nothing that fits! why did i watch biggest loser last night instead of going through my closet?! if i can get a nice high-waisted pencil skirt or something then i'm set. wish me luck.

today i'm eating:

1/2 granola bar

1/2 banana
a few handfuls of honey nut all bran
steel cut oats with some added all bran

chocolate square (from italy!)

grapes and yogurt

oatmeal with added bran (maybe)

red, orange, yellow peppers with spicy hummus dip

dinner - probably poutine


Vanessa said...

I love homemade poutine. In fact, it's what I made for supper last night :).

Good luck with the shopping!

Jenn said...

I'm not a huge coffee fan, but I love is on Sunday mornings before church. Its a really relaxing way to start the morning while I get ready.

I have heard the Canaidan bloggers talk about poutine before, but I had no idea what it was. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like something my fiance would love, except he would insist that it have meat with it. I guess I could always make him a keilbasa or something on the side? Maybe I'll try making it when he comes home...

Bi0nicw0man said...

Poutine is the devil. :)

I saw some really cute pencil skirts at Le Chateau of all places this weekend....and they had cute pink button down shirts with wide black belts to go with them. I bet you'd look great! (the shirts were too short for my long body...boooo)

Laura said...

I'm glad you've found a poutine alternative but I feel compelled to say that as soon as you use mozzarella cheese, it's no longer poutine. The cheese should be cheese curds (also referred to as squeaky cheese). Cheddar is an acceptable substitute. Mozzarella is just too bland.

Sorry, the Montrealer in me just leapt out!

Oh, and Jenn, in Montreal there are so many different kinds of poutine covered with all kinds of ingredients (for instance, add ground beef and onions to the mix for Poutine Bourguignonne), meat included so your fiance could enjoy that. :)

Eurydice, I don't know if you've seen St. Hubert's Poutine mix in the grocery stores (in the same section as the instant gravy). It is a key ingredient for homemade poutine. Let me know. I can send you some. :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh i might make poutine tonight for me and my guy too. sounds YUMMYYY. I hope I can find some swiss chalet packs at the grocery store.

ashley said...

ahh, pencil skirts! I have two from Express and they are awesome.

...just thought I'd throw that tip in! Back to work....

P.O.M. said...

You would look fantastic is a high waisted pencil skirt! Have fun shopping!

Glam said...

Poutine? Now I'm intrigued and must try this...

You would look smokin' hot in a high-waisted pencil skirt! Good luck with the shopping!

Sara said...

hmmm poutine! ANTM tonight is a recap episode - totally crappy!

Good Luck with the search!

Crystal said...

Coffee really does bring out the best in other foods. I like to have some hershey kisses with my coffee...mmmm.

eurydice said...

vanessa: how do you make yours?

jenn: we usually have meat on the side actually... like turkey sausage or something. i've had "duck poutine" at a fancy restaurant before... mmmm it was good if you are into duck.

bionic: i got one - but not at le chateau haha.

laura: i have seen the st. hubert's sauce in the store but truthfully i prefer the swiss chalet brand! my boyfriend and i have tried many kinds of instant gravy before on the search for the ultimate and every time we stray from swiss chalet we kick ourselves.... and i just prefer mozza cheese over cheddar in general, although i am not opposed to using cheddar in poutine. i usually have mozza on hand and not cheddar as i am not a big cheese eater (trigger food yum yum)

shannon: i'm sure you can find them. in my grocery store they are in several locations around the store.

ashley: yes i love them too! but i only have one and it's too big now... looks ridiculous.

p.o.m.: thanks! i got one... (will discuss in tomorrow's post)

glam: i can't believe poutine is not an international food! try it! it's ooey gooey delicious.

sara: a recap! f$cK!

crystal: mmmmm good idea ;o)

Laura said...

Okay ... as long as you're aware that it ain't the real thing and you can live with that knowledge ... :-P

hugs to you and your poutine loving ways.

marie said...

yo - email me with your questions. easier to have a dialouge that way.

mousearoo_16 at yahoo dot ca

Haley said...

Duuuuude, I am SO hungry for fries now. I'm drooling all over the keyboard! :)

Cara said...

you are hilarious. love the inner dialog :-)

I will be watching ANTM too. Woo hoo!

Jennifer said...

I haven't had poutine in about 10 years, I believe. I think the last time I had it was when I went skiing when I was 9 years old.

I hate croissants. Sooo nasty.

Lex said...

Mmmmmm I love coffee. At least you reheat your coffee. I drink my first cup from 9am until maybe noon or 1.. and I dont reheat it ahhaha. thats gross, yes I know LOL

Oh boy Canadians and their love of poutine. I'm Canadian, i'm familiar with poutine, but I've never really been a big fan. yes I LOVE fries (my weakness), and cheese, and gravy, but for some reason the 3 put together dont really turn my crank. I'm a weirdo lol.

Jim Purdy said...

Poutine? I've never heard of it before. It sounds ... uh ... different. I've started seeing a nutritionist regularly, and I think she would not approve of it for me. But then, she doesn't approve of anything I do anyway ...

Weighting Game said...

you're so right about the coffee and sweets thing - I'm not usually a pastry person but I work out of Starbucks a lot (I'm a writer) and whenthey offer samples of, say, a glazed donut or vanilla bean scone or lemon loaf, I go up and back again three times for little bites which probably end up to be a whole dessert anyway.

Cute skirt, BTW!