Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a midweek list for "y'all"

breakin' it up list style:

1) i do not say "y'all" in my regular day-to-day life.

2) yesterday i was really gung-ho about making kale chips for dinner. if you don't know what kale chips are, google away. after work i rode my bike home then walked to the grocery store (it is very close... less than 5 mins). low and behold, they are out of kale. they had a sign for kale, but no kale. i've never had kale (or kale chips obviously) before so i thought, maybe i can sub in another type of greeny leafy veg and bake that. i decided that chicory looked like kale, so i bought that. let me tell you people, you can NOT make chicory chips. c'est impossible! waste of time...

3) instead i made sweet potato fries... and burned them a little. but i still ate them because i wasn't about to have two failed side-dish attempts. no sir!

4) biggest loser finale: i am happy with the winner, but thought that the show was really drawn out and boring. BORING! and i realized that i don't really care who wins about 5 minutes into the show. so long as it wasn't crybaby mark. wah wah wah. just kidding. he just won too much during the season. i was especially happy with the $100,000 winner. so nice and cute. :)

5) this morning i walked for 30 minutes (2 miles) on the treadmill, then went swimming for 30 minutes. and rode my bike to work but i don't consider that real exercise, because a) i am hardcore and there is a lot of bicycle coasting b) it doesn't take that long.

6) tonight is date night - woohoo! (no poutine tonight, by the way.)

7) SALBA: today is my second day using it. the texture is not like flax (ground). it is tiny little seeds. yesterday i put in into oatmeal and i was not into it. it made the consistency of my oatmeal different. today i put it into yogurt and that was better. i am not magically a new, healthier person yet... how will i ever know!? HOW!?

8) both jennifer and bi0nic w0man tagged me for a game yesterday, so i gotta play. here are the rules of the game...

link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

i'll have to letter my list, as numbers are too confusing at this point in the game:

a) when i was young i refused to eat any green vegetables. i thought they were so gross. my favourite saying was, "it's not easy being green," by kermit the frog. now i love green food. the greener the better. of course now i am on a super-health kick, but still. funny how tastes change. i used to hate rice too... i mean who hates rice? no one.

b) i have a very romantic boyfriend. for such a rock n' roller cool guy, he really is the sweetest (and cute too). yesterday he surprised me at work by bringing me nice flowers. we went for a walk outside and a pen exploded in his pocket, haha - it was red, too. i can laugh because it didn't mess up his pants or anything, he just had a really red hand. and phone. :)

c) i am most likely going to europe at the end of august. exact places and details yet to be determined.

d) when i was a kid, i was obsessed with barbapapa. i still think it's super rad! my favourite was called barbapapa at work, which was a big fat book seen at the bottom of this page.

e) i like that new miley cyrus song. so what?

f) last summer my boyfriend and his family invited me to go to fabulous las vegas with them. while i was there, i spent $500 on a betsey johnson coat, which (thus far) is my most expensive fashion purchase ever. i usually look for deals and sales, but this coat is soooooo adorable, i couldn't resist. and everyone said things like, "you're in vegas... live it up!" and "now you can tell everyone you got it in vegas..." etc. i have to attach a photo to show "y'all" because it's that cute. this picture was taken in the store and i am also wearing the matching dress which i didn't buy:

g) i am obsessed with vintage ads, especially ones that show women in a negative, demeaning, or old-fashioned light. for some reason they really, really, REALLY amuse me. like the following:

and i tag: anybody who wants play... as i've put far too many links in this post already.


Jennifer said...

That ad makes absolutely NO sense, but it's hilarious! Energy down? Eat a teaspoon of sugar! WTF? Haha :) Oh dear... they sure didn't know a lot back then, did they? Hahaha. Thanks for sharing that!

Bi0nicw0man said...

That sugar ad has distracted me entirely from the rest of your post. It's so ridiculous, it's hysterical.

OK, it didn't distract me from the Betsy coat. Tres adorable! Only you could pull that off!

Jen said...

Where do I even start with the commenting???

I LOVE your coat!!! My plan is to make one extravagent purchase when I go to Vegas this year...the only problem is that I kind of want a Chanel purse, but how boring is that??? I could buy like FOUR other fabulous things for the price of a chanel bag and I am certain I would be bored of it after a while...

wait a minute, this is about you, not me...I am SOOOO going to make sweet potato fries after you mentioned them! I never get them crispy though...or does that just not happen with these things??

death by chocolate said...

love your coat! it's so cute. i'm a big fan of betsey johnson myself. sometimes you can find her dresses on sale at her boutique in yorkville (once got a $600 dress 50% off) or at mendocino (lots of locations all around toronto - i like the queen street west location the best). both places are pretty expensive, but sometimes when i'm browsing i come across a real find. don't know why i wrote that - don't want to sound preachy. just thought that i would pass on the tips!

Jenn said...

I want to try kale chips too.

Have fun on your date night tonight!! How sweet of your bf to bring you flowers to work. :) He's a keeper.

I love the coat. I think its adorable.

And that ad is hilarious. Eat ice cream before a meal in order to lose weight? WHAT???!! If that worked, I'd be as skinny as you are!

Randi said...

Ad=awesome. Funny but I'm sure we'll be looking at the things today and be shaking our head too. We never KNOW we're always learning.

Cute coat. 'spensive, but cute.

I might be going to Europe at the end of summer too. Weird, see you there?

Sara said...

I love that jacket, I want that jacket!!

Anonymous said...

love the picture. you are gorgeous.

Haley said...

Hmmmm...kale chips...they look like they might taste like nori (which I love) -- I'll have to give them a try...

Cute coat!

Shirls said...

salba?? I have the 3 day sample take the challenge packages on my desk right now! I've been a little freaked to try though because it looks as though the calories are 500 per serving and that is just nuts, do you know if its any different than that?

btw - any movement is excerise, but I get why you don't count the biking and I love the coat!

eurydice said...

randi - where is europa are you going?

shirls - a serving of salba (2 T) is 46 calories and 4g fibre. 500! where did you hear that?

Cara said...

the more you reveal, the more I realize how awesome you are. haha.

funny about the pen exploding and awesome that your boy is so romantic. aww.

Shirls said...

on the info sheet they sent with the sample packs, it says 500, crazy!, thanks for the info, I knew it couldn't be right