Friday, April 11, 2008

bad mood betty

i am not impressed with today. already, it's pouring outside, i was a smushed sardine (against people with b.o.) on the streetcar this morning, my curtains crashed to the floor in my bedroom for no reason, i tried to put them back up (with screws and a drill) and they crashed down again, leaving a stupid ugly hole in my freshly painted wall, i am going to a bridal shower right after work today and had to bring my outfit to work, which means i have to get ready at work, and so on so on so on blah blah blah.

the shower is so far up north that i have to take the subway all the way up to the last stop, where a friend is meeting me and driving us the rest of the way (about 30 mins). it is an italian wedding shower which means a five-course dinner. i am not complaining about that, of course. :o) however, i am not in the mood to play any shower games. and if anyone asks me when i am getting married i am going to wind up my arm like a female baseball pitcher and sock 'em one! yes, i said sock 'em. then i am taking the subway all the way back downtown and meeting up with my boyfriend and our friend who is having a birthday party at a dance club. keep in mind that i won't have gone home all day! obviously i'm going to have to leave clothes and stuff at work. i hate being a dance place and carrying a purse. girls with purses are soooooo annoying. they are always bumping into everything. damn it!

today is weigh in and i am 118.4 up 2.2 pounds from last week. i am not surprised because i could not keep my hands out of the cereal box. seriously i was a snacking fiend. it doesn't bother me at all that i gained, because i'm in the range, but it bothers me that i couldn't stop snacking. i wasn't even hungry. i knew i wasn't hungry and in my mind i said, "close the box, close it right now" and i still didn't. next week my goal will be not to snack on cereal. maybe i will hide the cereal. how ridiculous.

today i'm eating:

1 blueberry fibre waffle
100g source yogurt

weight control oatmeal with flax and a 1/3 package regular oatmeal (i put too much water in)
coffee coffee coffee

ravioli lean cuisine with added red, yellow, orange peppers

an apple

super fabulous dinner


Anonymous said...

awww bad mood betty. i hope your day brightens up. i would be a grumpy too if all that shiz happened to me too.

Glam said...

Deep breaths. Deep Breaths!

Yesterday was my Day from Hell. I threatened to bite someone...

Hope the day looks up, doll! The Italian dinner sounds delicious!

Haley said...

Put a little "oomph" in that punch for me, too - I hate that damned question. :)

Hope your day picks up and you have a stellar weekend!

Sara said...

well good luck with all that travel and with avoiding shower games!!!

Cara said...

I hope your day gets better! People always ask me too when I am getting married (I have been w/ the boyfriend for 4 years now, but... we are still young (23 and 24) and can't even afford to get married. I hate these questions, but realized whatever point in your life you are in, people will always ask annoying questions like that. once you get married they will ask when you will have kids, if you have kids they will ask when you will have another one, and then how many grand kids do you have, etc? people are lame. hahah.

but try to just ignore them because it seems to be a waste of energy otherwise.

Jen said...

mmmm, an italian wedding shower sounds so cool (but agree, blech to the shower games!)

You are a BUSY lady!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Suck it up princess!!!


Did you at least laugh? ;)

Jennifer said...

Today will be over sooner than you know it, and you will have a FABULOUS weekend to make up for it, right? Riiiight? :)

Erin said...

You have a busy day!

When I got married, I said NO games, or I wouldn't go!

RunnerGirl said...

Hang in there . . . the weekend is here :)

Laura said...

OMG! I'm kind of laughing because I feel sort of the same way. Hang in there babes!

I was buying a baby shower gift for a friend of mine when the person at the store asked if I'm pregnant. I replied, "no, I'm just fat. Thanks for noticing."

I hope that the shower was fun and that it didn't come to fisticuffs/

Sarah said...

Lol, I'm kind of laughing because you are reminding me of a good friend of mine who lives downtown T.O... if she has to go North of Eglington she complains about how far it is :)

I'm not saying it ISN'T far for you, it's just funny how perspectives can be so different!