Thursday, April 17, 2008

the most beautiful day yet

today it is sunny and it's going to be 20°C. if i didn't have a job i would drag my papasan chair out on the balcony (this is a fantasy of mine that has yet to happen) and read, read, read until my head exploded. i am about 30 pages from finishing suite francaise and then i am starting the assassin's song and today i have another book on hold to pick up at the library. it is the black book of hollywood diet secrets. whoopee! i am interested to read these tips. hopefully some will be useful, if not i'm sure they will be amusing nonetheless.

i boozed it up a little last night on my "date" but went to bed pretty early and woke up early this morning for a great run: 5 miles! in the bright, beautiful sunshine. how nice. i also rode my bike to work. i know any movement at all counts as exercise, but the reason i don't want to include riding my bike to work in my planned workouts (although i do write it in the blog sidebar) , is because it doesn't burn that many calories. sometimes (most of the time) when i workout i get cocky about being able eat more/increase my portions, so in my mind i have to think about riding my bike to work like an after dinner stroll... a light, fun, activity that's nice, just not hardcore.

anyway i've had this blog post open for hours so i'm going to post it. today i'm eating:

1/2 banana with 1t real peanut butter

bite of a bran muffin (homemade)
handful of grapes

weight control maple brown sugar oatmeal with added flax and fiber one

source yogurt with salba

leftover dinner from last night: smart penne with tomato sauce, baked with onions, peas, red, yellow, orange peppers, and turkey grill 'em sausages
spinach salad with sun dried tomatoes

source yogurt mixed with grapes

and for dinner... ?


Cara said...

aww I am glad my warm weather thoughts are finally kicking in! haha.

I am jealous about your bike rides to work. I live waaay to far away. But my goal for my next job is to be able to bike or walk to work. Thanks to you and quarterlife. haha.

Anonymous said...

that book does sounds super interesting. the hollywood one. i might have to checker out.

Vanessa said...

I'm going to spend this afternoon (after my exam, of course) on my new patio drinking wine and reading. Bliss :).

CaRoLyN said...

So I have been completely daydreaming for the last 5 minutes at my desk about reading on my deck....sounds so wonderful!

ashley said...

Mmm.. your dream day sounds so nice!

You eat a LOT of the source yogurt! Maybe I need to find it?

Sara said...

oooh I have assassin's song on hold! I can't wait to read it!