Thursday, April 10, 2008

crazy man, crazy

i should not be allowed near shopping malls. i hate shopping because i dislike crowds and people who walk too slow and get in my way (it's my german efficiency haha) but i'm really good at it. i can walk into a store and glance around and immediately know what i like/dislike in seconds. no browsing like a chump for me. i can be trying stuff on in the change room of any store just a few minutes after setting foot in the store. but anyway...i digress. i shouldn't be allowed near shopping malls because i buy too much.

i got a really cute pencil skirt at jacob. it is this skirt, but black:

i also got a red t-shirt sweater, but i might return it. so then... i went to h & m and got new skinny jeans and two (yes two) pairs of supercute retro heels. they both have cute t-straps and a little bit of a platform. one pair is white and one pair is red. i was going to return one pair because they were kind of expensive but when i brought them home i knew that was never going to happen! they are made of really soft leather and really comfortable and perfect for summer.

i have a confession to make about the jeans. i got them in the kids section! apparently i have the body of a 13/14 year old girl (this is not surprising to me by the way) :o) i really like skinny jeans because i have no hips and straight legs and they fit me really well. but i've noticed that adult stores (like smart set) are going back to the boot cut. i don't want boot cut! skinny jeans look cute with flats, heels, and fit well under boots. it's a win win win. did you know that jeans from the kids section are only $22.50? it's crazy man, crazy!

last night i asked my boyfriend, "what do you want for dinner?" and he replied, "well, i'm sure you've got something healthy all planned, so why are you even bothering to ask me?" and i say, "well, because i thought for sure you'd be pushing for poutine..." his response was just a drool, haha, so we had poutine and it was yumtastic. i had one too many alcoholic bevs and woke up in the middle of the night so hot with a thirst that couldn't be quenched. and then i couldn't get back to sleep. my mind was racing about cleaning my closet of all things! i had visions of myself sorting everything into piles, and trying on all of my pants, etc. i kept telling myself this was not the time to be thinking about this but my mind wouldn't listen. i guess i know what i'm doing tonight.

when my alarm went off at 6:45 i jumped right out of bed and went for a 5 mile run. i'm sure i'll be tired tonight so i'm happy it's out of the way. here is today's menu:

1/2 granola bar
handful of leftover popcorn from last night (this is why doing dishes before bed is a good idea...)

regular oatmeal with added ground flax and fibre one cereal
frozen mixed berries

pc blue menu shrimp whole wheat pasta frozen microwave meal
red, yellow, orange pepper strips

yogurt and grapes

whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter

dinner ?


Erin said...

I do NOT have small hips, so I am SURE that skinny jeans would make me look ginormous!

I am starting to feel like spring is here and I want to go shopping!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I want an H&M!! booooo. :)

Jenn said...

That is a very cute skirt.
I could never wear skinny jeans - or jeans in the kids department - but good for you that you can! Its nice to save money like that.

I've had a few nights like yours in regards to drinking. Its weird, and kind of sucks. Good for you for still doing your workout though!

Cara said...

i wear kids shirts sometimes, but not the pants. I definitely have the hips. heh.

Sounds like you had a fun date night, aside from the closet thoughts. hehe.

Sounds like good shopping as well. I love h&m

Vanessa said...

I hate hate hate boot cut pants! They make me look even shorter than I already am :(. I had a pair of skinny jeans when I was around 112 that I wore everywhere...with stilettos :P. I ♥ the skinny jean.

Cute skirt!

Jen said...

Ah, and that is the reason why I can't go shopping either!! I, too, hate crowds and it is WORSE if I go to Edmonton because the crowds are just bigger!!! (I want to find shoes like yours though! they sound cute!)

I am not ready for the skinny jean...and I don't think I have the body time if and when! But I love seeing them on girls who rock them!!

I so want poutine now! My trip to Ottawa just made me LOVE it!

P.O.M. said...

Sounds like a fun date night if you wake up thirsty! ha ha.

Very cute skirt. And the shoes sound adorable.

Anne said...

I want that skirt! I was in Jacob this weekend and missed it :( I'm just going to have to go back!

Haley said...

Cute skirt -- nothing beats a pencil skirt for getting that sexy 1940's secreatry-sitting-on-the desk-poised-to-take-dictation look.

Dude -- attack the closet! I feel so great having purged and cleaned up that area.