Friday, April 18, 2008


i know i say this every friday, but thank the good lord above. there is something about a warm, sunny friday, with the promise of a weekend with nice weather, that is so FANTASTIC.

in other news, last night i was riding my bike home from work. for the first tiniest little bit, i am going the opposite way on a one way street, so i ride on the sidewalk. it is not a skinny sidewalk, it is a big one with lots of room or i wouldn't do it. anyhoo, this man is walking right at me looking all around, up in the sky, over there, everywhere but at me, so i give him a little *ding* with my bicycle bell, and he says, "get off the fuckin' sidewalk, dyke!" profanity, fine, whatever... but dyke!? excuse me? what a homophobe! and from a business man, too. a business man! i said, "dykes have feelings too, meany" and pedaled away.

last night i had a pretty good night. i went down to the gym to do some strength-training. i started reading the black book of hollywood secrets while using the stationary bike... 30 minutes later! it's a pretty interesting book... none of the celebrity and trainer tips are silly or unsafe. it focuses on living a healthy lifestyle. i also made those illusive kale chips (yum) and had a GIANT smoothie made of 1/2 banana, peanut butter powder, flax, ice, frozen berries, and frozen tropical fruits. it was sooooooo good. and big. i didn't need to drink the whole thing. i put 1/2 away but kept going back for more throughout the evening. other than that i cleaned my apartment, did all my laundry including washing my sheets, and feel very satisfied about it all. that's the end of that report.

friday is weigh-in and i am up again - to 120.0 which is a 1.6 gain. what in the world? even though this is the top of my range, i'm not really too bothered this week. why? because i did strength training last night, so my muscles are probably retaining water. and i didn't eat dinner until around 9pm or so, which means food is probably hanging out in my stomach. are these valid excuses? i think so. i have exercised EVERY DAY from last saturday, and didn't really overeat. i exercised every day because a) i wanted to and b) i was bored, not because i felt i had to. i really enjoy exercise and when i have nothing to do, i'd rather do something active than turn on the boob tube and watch some lame show that i don't even care about anyway.

tonight i am going dancing with my honey bunny (to this 50s and 60s rock n roll night), tomorrow we have a swing dancing class and sunday i will probably visit my parents in the burbs. today i'm eating:

small bowl of grapes, unsweetened almond joy, and fiber one (1)
1 piece sprouted grains bread (1)

berry oatmeal (3)
coffee (0)

2 source yogurts (1)
clementine (0.5)

pb blue menu sczechuan meal (4)

source yogurt (1)
grapes (1)

dinner: ?


Anonymous said...

seriously, like how rude can people be. that man is just ridiculous. i am glad you didn't let it affect you. :)

Cara said...

hahah i love your comment back. i would have never thought to say anything because I would be so shocked by that ridiculous and cruel comment. geesh.

aww your weekend sounds cute!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

Haley said...

Man, people just SUCK sometimes. One of the many reasons I love reading blogs like yours is that they remind me that most people in the world are kind and generous and nice, and that those inevitable encounters with the sucky people are abberations.

Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

OOH sounds like you're going to have fun tonight and tomorrow!!

I love your response to that guy!! What a dumbass!

I, too, sometimes just have to exercise because I am bored...on one of my rest days I just sat back and wached tv...I felt so LAZY!!!!

CaRoLyN said...

I must be more small town than I think. I can't even possibly IMAGINE someone saying that on the street! I'm shocked!!!

Don't sweat the little gain,m the reasons were totally valid!

Vanessa said...

Loved your response to the stupid guy on the sidewalk. Some people are just unbelievable :P.

I too am enjoying a Friday with the promise of a weekend full of nice weather. I love the sun! :)

Sarah said...

"dykes have feelings too, meany" did you really say that?! Hilarious!

It amazes me how ignorant and stupid people can be - not matter what their place in society!

P.O.M. said...

What a big fat jerk face. Good, quick comeback. I would have just said "fuck off" or something stupid.

Have fun dancing with your hunny :)

Veggie Gal said...

You are probably putting on muscle and 120 is great, don't sweat it!

Jenn said...

Good job at having a comeback to that man. I think I would have tried to hit him with my bike. :)

I made kale chips this weekend too!!!
Did you try to store them at all? I didn't eat all of them so I put them in a zip lock baggie and closed it then they got soggy-ish. I'm not sure what to do with them?

reetuashwin said...

truly very rude , the person is...

Itz a Nice comment that u gave back...