Friday, April 4, 2008

friday yahoo thank the good lord above yippee skippy!

can you tell i'm excited it's friday? i didn't do any exercise this morning because i needed a break. friday is also weigh-in day and today my big number is 116.2, which is a 2.6 loss from last week. This is my lowest ever adult weight. I weighed 135 in high school and can't remember before that. this number is a little low, but a) I have been exercising more (longer runs) b) I've been painting like a crazy fool c) I've been stressed out at work trying to do the jobs of three peeps at once. yes, i said peeps. also d) it's still in my maintenance range so it's all good. keep in mind i do have very small bone structure.

i'm going to answer jenn's question from the comments yesterday here: yes, my gym is in my building, so it's really easy to work out there. and i have to wake up early in the morning, but not unreasonably so. i don't have to be into work until about 9:30 if i want, so as long as i begin showering around 8:00am then i have enough time to get ready and get to work. if i'm swimming i start around 7am, if i'm running i like to start around 6:45am, and if i do a longer cardio workout (like walking) i like to start at about 6:30am. even when i didn't live in this condo, and had to pay for a gym, it was still a 2 minute walk from my house. i guess that is one of the benefits of city living. i just don't get the point of driving to a gym when you could walk there... of course i hate driving and avoid it at all costs.

i tried to take an ab picture this morning, but the angles were all crappy and i was getting that mirror flash reflection which is not attractive. so i took some photos here. not of my abs obviously... i don't want to be obscene.

this first one is a stomach shot:

the second is more of a body shot:

the third is of my ripped arm, haha:

and the fourth, me... hello!:

today i'm eating:

source yogurt
pc blue menu multigrain oatmeal with added flax and all bran
salmon something lean cuisine
more strawberries
more source yogurt

and then dinner. happy weekend!


Jenn said...

I'm excited its Friday too! It couldn't come fast enough this week.
You are super tiny! And really tall it seems. Very cute pictures. :)
I wish that I could walk to a gym or work or something. But I can't.

Cara said...

You look good :-) Love the buff arm!! heh.

I canNOT wait for Friday to be over. haha.

Your schedule sounds great. I wish I could go to work later, but if I did I would have to face massive amounts of traffic. BOO.

Anonymous said...

let me know how that salmon lean cuisine is. i always see it but always go for the thai chicken. so i'd love to hear your opinion. it does seem like we eat very similar.

Anonymous said...

oh and you look so good.

Randi said...

you're right, yay friday. Thank goodness this week flew for me.
Are you opposed to posting a before picture? or have you already? It's inspiring to know that while you are now one of those lean girls that I love to hate ;) you weren't always and that one day I could end up being somebody I hate....hmmm that didn't come out right... I guess I won't ever look like you as my bones are fairly "sturdy".

P.O.M. said...

You're too adorable for words! Did you get those buff arms from all the painting?

So happy for Friday too - doing the happy dance right now (not to be confused with the pee-pee dance).

eurydice said...

jenn: i'm 5'6" which i think is medium height.

cara: driving to work sux! better to miss the traffic for sure.

shannon: the salmon lean cuisine was just alright. it smelled weird (i think salmon stinks) but it tasted alright. the veggies were bland in colour but the ww pasta was nice.

randi: yes, i will post a before pic. i have one in mind... i think it's at my mom's house. it's fat and not with a ph.

pom: buff arms are from painting yes haha, but also swimming, weight lifting, and pushups!

Laura said...

You are adorable and fantastic and I have entered you in my contest. :) Thanks for your kind words

katieo said...

Cute pictures!! Very svelt :)

Jennifer said...

You are SO cute! And so friggin' TINY! *is jealous* :)

ashley said...

You look fantastic! A before picture is due.

Erin said...

Woo hoo for the weight loss!! I have a small bone structure, too, but I am 127! People think that is teeny, but not so much when your bones are teeny and I am short, too! You are at my goal weight! If only I could work out as hard as you....and eat as well....

Awesome work!

Haley said...

I want to look like you when I grow up! :)

Lex said...

Wow, you look great!!!!

death by chocolate said...

haha, definitely agree with other bloggers - you're too cute! way to go on getting the buff arms. i always have trouble getting definition in mine.

also, you're exercising has encouraged me to up mine a bit. i'm really focused right now (minus last night... bah!) and want to lean up (just like you!)

and yes, love the source yogurts. i ran out of them yesterday morning and it was mayhem.

Glam said...

You look so great! And what a knockout! Don't you love the photobooth on Macs?! I also love that you make that t-shirt look freakin' glamorous with your svelte little body!

Nancy said...

You look great! And 2.6lbs in one week (especially at your weight) is INCREDIBLE!!!!

Congrats :-)