Monday, April 14, 2008

big winner

hi everybody. another monday! i'm trying to sound really upbeat and enthusiastic here, even though i would prefer to go back to bed. i really have nothing to complain about today... i just went to bed too late and now i'm suffering the consequences. :) i will go to bed early tonight for sure.

the wedding shower on friday night was fun. there were 160 women. yes, that's a lot of wedding women. everything was very nice. a big donation was made to the breast cancer society, and pink (and the pink ribbon) was the theme of the evening. i won a prize - a pink ribbon workout towel. how fitting!

on saturday i went for a four mile run (in the rain, yes i am hardcore) and then my boyfriend and i went to no frills. for those of you who don't know what no frills is, it is a "discount" grocery store, where costs are cut at every angle and you have to buy your own bags at the cash. the good thing about no frills is that the food is cheaper. the bad thing(s) about no frills is that a) it's so crowded b) people are pushing (esp. pushing their carts into me!) c) everybody shopping there feels the need to shop with their five screaming kids. maybe i am a grocery store snob but i want shopping to be a relaxing experience. it was seriously stressful and if i ever go there again, it will be alone (in and out... fast.) i like shopping with other adults, in a relaxed manner, where people say things like "oh, excuse me" or "you go ahead" and "please" and "thank you" etc.

anyway. yesterday i visited my parents in the burbs and went for another four mile run. my goal for this week is to eat a ton of fruit. why? because i really have so much fruit. where did i get it all? very mysterious. this morning i walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill. i decided to do a short workout this morning and then finish it later, after work. why? because i'm very tired today.

today i'm eating:

homemade muffin (2)

regular oatmeal (3)
strawberries (0.5)
1/2 banana (1)
coffee (0)

source yogurt (1)

whole wheat bread (2)
1 oz. swiss cheese (2)
tomato and lettuce (0)
chicken (1)

strawberries (0.5)
source yogurt (1)

sweet potato (2)
? something else


Cara said...

You ARE pretty hardcore! :-)

I hope you wake up soon ;-) I didn't get much sleep last night either. Boo.

Sara said...

I love No Frills but we go on Thursday nights when it is not busy.

When you wake up send some vibes over here!

Jen said...

Argh, I hate busy grocery stores...I have to go at a certain time of day or else I just can't stand people and leave in a VERY cranky mood!! And our grocery store sucks...they are ALWAYS out of this that I need!!! (yet they ALWAYS have it in the middle of the week!!)...oops, ranting there!!

Yum for fruit...I like this time of year because I really want to eat fruit all the time!

Erin said...

I am totally a grocery store snob and I don't go to No Frills anymore, even though it is cheaper - weird people kepy trying to touch the baby when we were there. Yuck!

Sarah said...

Don't worry. I'm a grocery store snob too. I won't shop at No Frills because their produce department grosses me out a lot. Squished grapes everywhere!!

The millions of screaming children are my second reason for not shopping there!

Shannon said...

i am a grocery store snob too. no frills is disgusting. i don't think they have them out west here but when i was in ontario i would never go. the prices are not worth it for me. too busy and the produce is just nasy. i also like to not have to worry about having change for a cart and i hate bagging my own groceries.

Shannon said...

i meant the produce is nasty. :)

Vanessa said...

If you're a grocery store snob, then I am too! I can't stand places like Superstore (we don't have a No Frills here). I shop at Sobeys because that's where the good produce (and cheese!) is :).

death by chocolate said...

way to go on all of the exercise! you're workout machine. very inspiring to those of us who are bit on the sluggish side... myself included!

Randi said...

You are a badass hardcore snob!

Laura said...

Ah! I miss No Frills. It was the most budget conscious place to go. I see from the website that the one in my old neighbourhood (St. Clair/Bathurst area) is gone.

You didn't win my contest but I have a coupon to send you if you're interested. Let me know (writetolaura.may AT gmail DOT com)

ashley said...

That was a HUGE shower!

I've never heard of No Frills, but it sounds interesting. Although I fear I may be a grocery store snob as well!

(and your menu looks great!)