Tuesday, April 29, 2008

in a haze

i'm really out of it this week. is it tuesday already? last night i came home from work, promptly jumped into bed with some giant wheat goldfish crackers (yummy yummy), did a bit of reading, and napped for an hour. then i went downstairs to the gym and walked for 5 miles on the treadmill. i didn't really want to, but i didn't do anything on sunday and the slope to lazyville is pretty fast and slippery if you know what i mean. this morning i went for a 5 mile run. i was feeling really lazy before i did this, so i'm glad it's out of the way.

i think it's so funny how many of you were shocked about my dress-buying experience. i will take a picture of myself in the dress. i was feeling too lazy last night to even think about that. i have to say, i am more dumbfounded than offended. i mean, how could anyone be so ridiculous? that being said, i think i would have a much different reaction if i were still trying to lose weight and having someone say i was popping out of my dress. my coworkers thought it was so funny that she said i should skip a few lunches, especially since we all went out to this mexican place together and i definitely didn't skip lunch. i had a sauteed veggie burrito, and it came with rice and beans on the side. i ate the whole burrito (i think because i was so tired...) and half the rice and beans. i'm sure it wasn't that healthy of an option...

i finished reading lullabies for little criminals already. it was that good... i couldn't put it down. i was addicted. and now i'm so sad that it's over. luckily there are 50 million kabillion trillion other books left in the world for me to read... maybe more. i am 3/4 of the way done this book called the elements of style but i wouldn't recommend it. it's ok... about nyc rich people - a lot of he said she said blah blah blah. i'm only finishing it because i started it.

tonight i am going to do a bit of strength training in the gym downstairs and i am also going to clean my kitchen in a major way. it really needs to be done. last night i accidentally knocked over this nice skinny beer glass my bf got from one of his students as a gift and i noticed that the cabinets need to be wiped. i will clean the stove, the insides of the cupboards, the fridge, the floor, behind the fridge and stove (which won't be too bad because i did this recently), and then i will be happy with myself.

i feel so lazy though. i keep thinking about going back to bed. obviously i can't because... i am... at work. time to take care of business. (TCB)

today i'm eating:

1/4 fibre source bar (pre run)
1/4 fibre source bar (post run)
handful of shreddies (post run)

more coffee
blueberry pomegranate nestea single (0)
oatmeal with flax and shreddies (3)
source yogurt (1)
berries (0.5)

yesterday's sandwich (6)
source yogurt (1)
berries (0.5)

berries (0.5)
source yogurt (1)
apple (1)



Anonymous said...

question. you know those source vanilla tangos? do you count them as 2 for 1 pt? if you add up all the info, it comes out to 1 pt for 2. just curious to see what you do. thanks doll!

eurydice said...

hey shannon: if i eat one at a time - i count it as one. but sometimes i add unsweetened almond breeze (which is 40 cals per cup and i add 1/4 cup or so) and still count that as one.

but if i ate two at one time, i would count it as one point.

but two at different times in the day, i would count as one point each.

i LOVE source vanilla tangos. yum yum.

Jenn said...

I can't believe how rude that lady was to you!! You are so freakin tiny! Shame on her.
I'm glad you still bought the dress because you liked it and didn't decide not to because she sucked.

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets sad when I reach the end of an exceptionally good book!

Good job doing the treadmill when you weren't feeling it!

Jen said...

Yeah, I didn't think you would be offended by the woman...not only are you a tough chick, but you are teeny and healthy and you know you are...I just hope she doesn't work on commission!! Otherwise she needs a good lesson in how to sell things!!

I have added "Lullabies" to my list of books to read...I am the same as you though...reading a ho hum book but I refuse to not finish something!!

Lex said...

Ohh I want to read that book! I love your book recommendations! Since I was going on my trip, I got into easy reads as in chicklit books, but I'm ready to get back into real reading hahah.

CaRoLyN said...

I'm still trying to get over my shock over the absurd saleswoman! Seriously?!?!? Wowsa!

Can't wait to see the dress, I bet it looks awesome!