Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a lot to do

well, i'm back at work. hooray! am feigning sarcasm or what? maybe. i'm actually happy to be back at this work because at least here i get to sit in a nice chair instead of being a skilled labourer (painter) all the live long day. i am almost done painting, so no pictures yet. i want it to look somewhat decent before i take any shots. i have one more coat of green to do in the bedroom, and touch ups of course. and i made the mistake of painting part of the kitchen yellow, which really should be grey like the living and dining room. i changed colours at a corner, and it looks really tacky, and it's going to bother me until i fix it, so i'll finish everything tonight.

i have so much to do at work it's crazy. my immediate boss is away on business for more than a week, so i have to pick up that slack as well as get caught up on the stuff i missed during my three days off. all i really want to do is leisurely go through my emails and catch up on blogs, haha. hopefully i can read some at lunchtime today.

yesterday i went for a five-mile run. i am really digging these five-mile runs outside. it's great because even if you want to stop, you are still so far away from home that you might as well keep going haha. i got caught in the rain halfway through. i sort of didn't like it but it sort of made me feel super hardcore - like "so what nature! take that!" haha. anyway...

this morning i woke up early and did four miles (walking) on the treadmill and four miles on the stationary bike. i much prefer working out in the mornings.

today i'm eating:

lemon source yogurt, the dessert kind (1)

regular instant oatmeal with added flax and all bran (3)
1 cup frozen berries (0.5)

pc blue menu microwave dinner - shrimp whole wheat pasta something or other (5)
raw carrots and baby tomatoes with hummus (1)

another source yogurt (1)
3 little almond biscotti (2)

green beans (0)
veggie burger (4)
salad (3)

maybe something else too. :)


Sarah said...

Good luck painting! I can't (hmm and can at the same time - running outside is harder than on a treadmill) wait until I can run outside at my house! Still too cold here!

Jenn said...

Good luck being back at work. I know what you mean about catching up after you've been out for a few days. At least you'll be busy and the day will fly, right?

I haven't tried running outside yet, I always just go on my treadmill. Is it harder to run outside?

Randi said...

Love that hardcore feeling of battling the elements. Makes me feel like I'm in a Nike commercial.

Sara said...

sometimes I love running in the rain, sometimes not!! Actually in the hot summer I love it b/c it keeps you cool!! WTG on another amazing run though and rocking it out in the rain!

P.O.M. said...

A little rain can definately make you feel like a bad ass!

Anne said...

Winter is finally leaving! It's probably nicer in Toronto than it is here in Ottawa, but I can't wait to get out there! Keep up the runs, you rock!

Lex.D said...

ugh, going back to work stinks. good luck!!! the catch up is the worst part. :(

Poagaroo said...
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