Monday, April 21, 2008

yawny mcyawn

why do i do this to myself every weekend? i stay up way too late and don't sleep enough and suffer the consequences in a major way on monday. i feel like a dead person today... zombie-rific! i did have a good weekend though. friday dancing, saturday running and more dancing, sunday parental visiting. my boyfriend and i signed up for an introductory package of dance lessons. on saturday we learned more swing (fun), the foxtrot (fun), and the waltz (boring).

i think i'm going to get one of those heart rate monitor watches. my first opinion was that they are unnecessary and sort of silly, but i find myself thinking about them a lot and looking up prices on ebay and froogle, etc. it would be really neat to know if i'm reaching my target heart rate and find out how many calories i'm burning. i wonder if you can wear it all day to find out how many calories you burn in just a normal day, without exercise. does anyone know if this is possible? what is your opinion about heart rate monitor watches? i'm leaning toward the polar f4 if anyone is wondering. it's about $100 including shipping on ebay. maybe that's a lot... i don't know.

in other news, i went running this morning. i didn't really want to but i sure as hell know that i won't feel like going tonight. ;o) and it wasn't so bad... it felt great to have done it (4 miles). i might do some strength training in the gym downstairs tonight but that's a big maybe.

my nice boyfriend bought me two larabars, one banana something flavoured and a cocoa one, too. i tried the banana one and it was really tasty, but really little for 210 calories. it's only banana, prunes (i think) and almonds mashed together. that's it - not one other ingredient which is pretty amazing. however, i think a) the price ($2.99 each) and b) the size (too small... i like some volume) outweigh the taste and nutritional value for me. i am still excited to eat the chocolately one though. :)

today i'm eating:

1/2 larabar (2)
almonds (1)

oatmeal with flax (3)
slivered almonds (1)

yogurt (1)
clementine (0.5)

yogurt (2)
more oatmeal (2)

grapes (1)
yogurt (1)

dinner? veggie burger with peas maybe.


Cara said...

No ideas about the heart monitors. But I would love to have one, just not ready to buy one yet. If you end up getting one, I hope you tell us all about it! :-)

Jennifer said...

I love Larabars! My faves are cashew cookie and pecan pie. Yum! They ARE expensive, and usually 5 points each, so I only have them once in a while.

Anonymous said...

i want to try those lara bars but for 4 pts its not worth it for me. maybe when i am on maintenance. good for you for hitting the gym even tho you weren't feeling it. i wish i had a gym in my building.

Jen said...

I LOVED dancing lessons! My husband and I took them before our favorite was swing (and the cha cha) but my husband has VERY little co-ordination...we waltzed for our song at the wedding but added all the fun turns and dips and stuff! I loved it!!!

Good for you for getting out for a run this morning! I can never haul my butt out of bed!!

Haley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend -- especially all that dancing!

Vanessa said...

I totally do the same thing every weekend. No wonder I'm so grouchy all week! :)

CaRoLyN said...

Nice job on the running!

The bars sound so yummy. Where can you find them?

I'm completely wiped today too! Around 2:30 I thought I was going to fall asleep at my desk!

Bi0nicw0man said...

The LaraBars have various calorie counts...some are only 3 points, you just have to be willing to stand there and read them. haha. Having said that, the best ones are the higher cal ones of course!

Did he get you the Cocoa Mole one? It's got a bit of a kick to it!

Oh, and you can get them at Superstore...usually for $1.99 or so.

RunnerGirl said...

I had a rough Monday as well - could barely stay awake at work today. Let's hope for a nice, short week!

Sarah said...

Apparently there are Timex heart rate monitors at Costco for only about $60. Some women at my gym were talking about their calories burned after my spinning class on Saturday so I talked to them about where they got them.

They're not Garmin's by any stretch but the women said that they do the job just fine for figuring out your calorie burn!