Tuesday, July 8, 2008


ok. today i'm going to do a bit of a product push.

a couple of months ago i filled out this online survey to get a free mp3 player. i am always filling out tons of surveys and i love free stuff. i don't even care what it is. if i don't need it, i'll give it away to my friends or family. well anyway, someone from the mp3 player company called me, and decided i was a good candidate to receive this player, because i could talk about it on my blog. isn't that wild? it kind of blows my mind actually.

anyway. the mp3 player is from the brand microsoft and is called ZUNE, and basically it's the greatest thing of all time. i think it's already available in the states but new to canada, although i've already seen it in stores. if you think your ipod is a good mp3 player, you need to check out zune, because it really blows ipods out of the water. i like my ipod, but the battery life is SO BAD. seriously, if i don't unplug it directly from the charger before working out, it stops working during my workout/run. crappy!

this is what the zune looks like:

so why is the zune so great? here is a list of reasons:

1) it's little and cute. mine is black.

2) it comes with different storage. mine is 8G.

3) the screen is colour.

4) it plays video.

5) it stores pictures.

6) there is an fm radio which picks up stations from the area you are in. (really good feature.)

7) the battery life is LONG.

here is where it becomes really cool...

8) it has some sort of wireless technology that allows you to download songs from your (or any) computer without a plug or wire.

9) it has wireless sharing capabilities which means that if you and your friend "greg*" both have zunes and are standing within range of each other, you can up and download each other's music to your player. *could be any name.

so anyway. i am really enjoying my zune. and obviously this company wants me to talk about it and spread the news. but seriously, if i thought it was not a good one i would say so. after all, i already have it and stuff.

and now, if you want to (only if you want to please), you can log on to ChatThreads.com and type in Conversation ID 102 986 0145. there is a short survey and you can have ChatThreads donate up to $5 to charity OR enter to win $500 in amazon.ca gift certificates. the point of the survey is word of mouth... this company just wants to know how word of mouth spreads. but seriously, only do it if you want to. and honestly i really love my zune. although i wish they sent me a sports arm-band!!!!! (that would be very useful.)

in other news, last night i walked for 5 miles on the treadmill, then did some strength training. this morning i had a quick 3-mile run and then did situps. it is so hot now, even in the mornings (not complaining), that running outside can be really draining.

tonight i have a "date" and i am making my boyfriend dinner. we are having quick carne asada and instant mexican rice... i think it is that brand. yes, i'm all about the instant. maybe some refried beanies too. from a jar. :) it's "mexicali" to prepare us for our upcoming cali vacation.


Erin said...

I love # 8 and 9! How cool is that?

Jenn said...

Have fun on your date tonight!!! :)

Jen said...

*laughs* Mexicali...I love it!!!

That Zune sounds super cool! Unfortunately I am an "apple whore"...I am buying a mac right away and it comes with a free iPod touch...however, I am also one of those that sells my stuff on ebay if I don't like it...I will keep "zune" in mind!

SeaBreeze said...

Enjoy your date night. I can't wait til my man moves home and we can have date nights.

btw, I didn't know that they made whole wheat KD. I doubt it'll make it that much better, but I can get my head around it a little easier. Thanks for the tip!

Anne said...

How cool is it that they gave you a free player?!! I'm not really into apple, I have an ipod, but I prefer the mp3 I have simply because it has a radio and I like to listen to the news in the morning if I'm on the bus.
Lucky girl!!

Have fun on your date!

Crystal said...

damn, now I want one! i just got a new iPod cuz, shockingly, my freaking battery went dead and the BF broke the screen trying to replace it. i like that it can pick up radio stations too, nice feature.

VeggieGal said...

I LOVE my Zune :)

carla said...

I still have no mp3 player!

for me it has all become paralysis by analysis.

too many options.

hope date night was fun!