Friday, July 4, 2008

ahoy matey

i am in a much better mood today. last night i went back to the sewing studio and got caught up. i finished putting in the zipper, and sewed the tops of the shoulders and the sides of the dress together. now i just have to add the sleeves and do the trim (i think). then i cleaned my entire apartment. bathroom, kitchen, dishes, den, living room, vacuuming, laundry, bedroom, on and on and on. i like going into the weekend feeling ready to relax. weekends are for relaxing not cleaning.

i was going to go running again today, because i can't go for my usual saturday long run tomorrow because of the everlasting wedding, but then i remembered yesterday's run and how it wasn't fun (rhyme) and my right shin has been bothering me (maybe a splint) so i thought a couple of days off would be the best medicine. there is no point exercising if you don't enjoy it.

yesterday at the library i was getting the new book club book (valley of the dolls), and i saw a yoga/pilates dvd, so i got that too.

it is power yoga plus by denise austin. i did it this morning and it was alright, except denise austin is kind of annoying. but who isn't at 7am, really. she kept saying weird things like, "show me that happy face and smile"... don't you think that's weird? 1) who is smiling? 2) the lady in the TV can't see me! at least i hope not.

it was 20 minutes of yoga and 20 of pilates. my problem with this type of exercise is that i am not that flexible. i never have been. i can remember being in dance class as a young girl and practicing the splits every day for years before i could actually do them. i can't touch my toes... maybe my legs are long. denise austin's legs looked kind of stubby to me. anyway. it was alright. the pilates was more vigorous than the yoga. some of the balancing yoga moves were difficult but not impossible. denise austin's voice is kind of baby-talky though, and i kept thinking of rude things and grossing myself out. if you know what i mean. i hope you don't.

oh, and happy 4th of july to my american friends. i am going to celebrate by eating a twinkie. just kidding! relax.


smellyshelley said...

Denise Austin is annoying - too chipper.

I can't wait to see your dress! It must be looking like a real dress by now.

I had shin splints a while back and it took about a week of rest, then easing back into an exercise routine to get them better. Ice helped too.

Jen said...

*laughs* I have never heard of Denise Austin, but I tell you I won't be buying a video of hers!!! I am picky about my yoga instructors...I am certainly not there to smile!!! One lady (I refuse to go to her class) makes you go through things too fast, she's a smiler, and she always says things like "flare your bum cheeks and tighten your anus" and then I am like 12 again and I start snickering...

You are awesome for cleaning your apartment before the weekend! I usually end up cursing my place on Sunday because I want to be outside but am stuck inside cleaning!

Bi0nicw0man said...

hehe, you make me giggle...and jen's comment just made me giggle more! :) Good job on getting all the work out of the way. Have fun at the's sounds fab!

carla said...

oooh. me loves the white cake and creme!

(and valley of the dolls...but I digress)

so impressed by the sewing. I need to get a hobby where I actually MAKE something!


Cara said...

glad to see you are in a better mood!
and yes, denise austin is ridiculous. haha

Crystal said...

I have an exercise tape by Denise Austin and, yes indeed, she is chipper to the point of annoying. Something about the voice is like nails on a chalk board but the video I have is pretty good, albeit long.

Funny you mentioned twinkies, I had one yesterday and, although it was creamy and mouthwatering on the first bite, the remaining bites were just too sweet. So I had some ice cream to combat the twinkie sweetness. Bad girl!

Glam said...

Mmmmm.... Twinkies. Seriously, void of any nutritional value yet I love them so very much! Lol.

But when people start DEEP FRYING them, that's when I draw the line! :)