Wednesday, July 9, 2008

some random thoughts

first thought: this morning whilst riding my bike to work, i was really reminded of the weather on vancouver island. it was humid and foggy, but not hot. i miss victoria. my grandparents used to live there but not anymore as they are all deceased. it's weird how times and places and people in live change. yes i am very deep. the point is victoria is a wicked city.

second thought: last night there were crazy thunderstorms. the lightning was so bright that i think it hit the ground right outside of my building several times. my cat oliver was so scared, he was doing the snake walk haha. somehow his legs disappear and he slithers on the ground to some hiding spot. maybe he thinks he is safer being so close to the ground. anyway it looks ridiculous.

third thought: my mexican dinner was a huge success. for me anyway. i was really impressed with myself. my boyfriend liked it too, but he's not as familiar with mexican-type food as i am. he said, "what is this mushy hunk?" about the refried beans. ha! the best part is i have leftovers for lunch today.

fourth thought: i drank way too much white wine last night. normally i am a red girl, but i wanted something cool and refreshing. i think it kind of made me toss and turn in the night and i am not feeling that hot today. not hung over at all, but whenever i drink too much, i feel overly sensitive.

fifth thought: i still got up and hit the gym because i am hardcore. i did three times ten minutes running on the treadmill with arm weights in between and then stretches and 100 sit-ups of different varieties at the end. whenever i do arm weights and look in the mirror at the gym i feel like a real beefcake... you know when you are lifting weights and right after your muscles are kind of plumped up (in a good beefcake way). it always makes me think about being a female boxer. i am sort of tuff, i could do it maybe. i am way tougher than any other girl in my immediate circle of friends/family. kapow!

sixth thought: tonight is my last sewing class. i hope i get everything done in time. and then i hope i continue to make things outside of class.

seventh thought is today's menu:

fiber one with almond butter

pc multigrain oatmeal with flax, cinnamon, pumpkin, 1/2 banana and blueberries

fat free yogurt

vanilla protein shake

leftover mexicano


fat free yogurt with blueberries

cocoa mole larabar


CaRoLyN said...

Wowsa, you ARE hardcore. Getting up and working out after having one too many glases of wine. THAT is will power. I'm literally bowing down to you at my office desk right now!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

bwahahaha...that's my fave part of strength training days...looking at my arms in the mirror. :)

now, if only that would happen with my legs, abs, butt....hmmmmm.

you are totally hardcore. you should sign up for boxing or kickboxing or would LOVE it. take yer man and kick his ass for fun.

SeaBreeze said...

Victoria is a wicked city, if you can get past the fact that everyone knows everyone and has since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. Hahaha. I tend to benefit from that phenomenom at least.

Jen said...

YAY! I am glad that everything went so well!! You are awesome!!!

I have always wanted to move to Victoria...I keep telling my husband I want to move to either BC or Ontario...I am just done with Alberta!!!

You are CRAZY hardcore! I would want to sleep in after a night on "wining" and dining

smellyshelley said...

White wine always makes me feel bad the next day too - even if I only had a small amount. I think it has more sugar than red wine.

Can't wait to see your dress! Do you have a sewing machine at home?

Anne said...

Wow, you rock! Pls send some hardcore motivation my way. Thanks! hahaha!!

eurydice said...

exercising after drinking always makes me feel better. the endorphins are a hangover cure!

and shelley i do have one at home but it doesn't work. it turns on, but when i push the foot pedal the needle does not go up and down.

Crystal said...

Wine is like that..I always get a funny-not hungover-feeling the next day no matter what type I drink. Awesome that you still made it for your workout the next day. Kick ass!

ashley said...

You STILL got up? You earn thee Hardcore title. I bet you felt good!

carla said...

I love you for the mere fact that you used the word WHIST.

My editor yanked that from my article yesterday much to my chagrin ;)