Friday, July 25, 2008

finally friday

it's friday but i'm feeling the stress instead of being excited for the weekend. remember when you aren't working everyday is like the weekend haha. packing for anything - be it a weekend or a week-long trip - makes me feel out of control. what do i need? did i forget anything?

yesterday my interview went really well. they are interviewing at least 6-7 candidates but i think i have a pretty good shot at a second interview. i am clearly qualified for this job. i took a different approach to this interview - i was more firm with what i wanted from a company (including salary expectations) instead of how i can fit in (sweetness and smiles) with a company. what do i have to lose?

it rained and poured all day yesterday so the golfing (canadian open) was cancelled. my dad decided not to go, but i still went and had a good time. although my dinner consisted of a granola bar, an ice cream sandwich, a small (200 calorie) bag of sunchips, and a fun-sized smarties. looking at this paragraph, it's like "what not to do." ha. that was the only food available (for free) since i missed the bbq. i'm sure it was fine calorie-wise, but that kind of food leaves you feeling like you are missing out on something. maybe... NUTRITION.

here are my big plans for today: clean my apartment and do all laundry. i have to go and get more detergent. return library books that are due before the end of my vacation. i have to go back to the travel agent (where we bought medical travel insurance) because they put down the dates wrong... next month instead of sunday. oy vey! clean out my fridge and remove anything that has already expired. watch 7 episodes of LOST season 3 because it's my last opportunity before returning the DVDs to the video store. go for a swim. and finally, tonight my boyfriend is putting on an event downtown. that's a big list. i need the coffees!

i am going to have fruit for breakfast, an egg (one egg and the rest whites) and spinach and feta omlet for lunch, and salad with tuna and yellow zucchini for dinner. that is the plan. i will snack on yogurt and fruit.

for the record i didn't weigh-in today (yet) because i'm feeling not that great (after last night... and this porky week in general) and don't want to feel bad about myself before the trip. maybe i will weigh in later or tomorrow. if i do i'll share the results. TGIF people!


Jen said...

Ohmigod...I absolutely despise packing...I have to make a list or I just feel lost and even though everything is checked off the list I STILL feel like I am forgetting something...I hate that feeling!!!

You have a crazy to do list! Bring on the coffee and go nuts!

glad to hear about the interview, I am certain you wowed them!

CaRoLyN said...

YAY for nailing the interview, I would think a company would like a more direct approach because you know what you want and won't be pushed around. Great approach!

HAve a fabulous weekend! Sounds like you have a great one planned!

Randi said...

whoo 7 hours of lost! fun! (at least you can do that while doing laundry, and eating, and maybe even cleaning out the fridge?)

Adrienne! said...

That is funny! Sometimes there just aren't any good food options, and you just have to let it all go!
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Anonymous said...

you are so organized and you make it seem so fun. hehe. glad the interview went well. sounds promising. :)

Crystal said...

Hope your interview went well. Being out of work has the pros and sure is nice to have some extra time off but sometimes you just don't know what to do with yourself! Packing is a pain in the butt and I like to make it worse by being a last-minute packer. I never learn!