Monday, July 7, 2008

time passes fast

can you believe it's july 7 already? where does the time go?! it is so hot today and i love it. bring on the heat. my weekend was good. i went to a wedding and it was fun times. here i am at the garden ceremony.

i changed for the actual reception. i haven't uploaded any of my own photos yet, although i've been tagged on facebook way too many times already.

next weekend i am going to a cottage. this means bikinis and bathing suits. ayayayayayayayaya! it's not so bad but this week i'm going to really focus on my stomach. i always feel bloated after the weekend. and over the course of my lifetime i've done about 50 million crunches so there must be abs in there somewhere! my plan for this week is to eat sensibly, make my smallest meal dinner, exercise everyday, and increase protein in the form of protein shakes. last week i didn't drink any protein shakes at all. i just forgot all about them, even though they are yummy and delicious.

yesterday i went for a 5-mile run. normally i take sundays off so it really made my day feel like saturday. i haven't done any activity yet today but i don't have anything to do after work so i'll hit the gym for a bike or fast walk. this post is boring me a little. yesterday at my parent's house my mom gave me fresh pineapple... so delicious! i love summer fruit.


Anne said...

You look adorable!!

Oh,I love summer fruit too..bring on summer!!! June was crappy, I will not complain about the heat.

Jenn said...

Cute picture!!!

I love fresh pineapple - I could probably eat half of one myself.

It was 117 degrees in Vegas this past weekend, I could have lived without that much heat!

P.O.M. said...

Cute pic!

I'm craving fruit soooo bad! I ran out Saturday and haven't made it back to the grower's market.

Sara said...

this time of year I can not get enough fruit!!

not looking forward to this heat wave I've got to admit!

Jen said...


Sounds like you have a fantastic plan!! LOVE summer fruit!!!

dancer-in-me said...

You look great! I love blueberries. I have bluberry bushes and they are coming in! YAY!!