Thursday, July 17, 2008

you gotta have faith

today is an interesting day. why? because 1) i am going to see george michael tonight. and 2) that's pretty much it. :o) but still... george michael... whoo whoo whoo! i have been waiting 15 years for this guy to come to toronto. and now the day has finally come. my best girl friend from high school is coming in from the burbs and we are eating then going to the show. just subway or something.

for some reason there is a can of tuna sitting on my desk today. i did not put it there. somebody must be losing it. although, my desk is in the centre of the office and people seem to forget stuff on it. like once, someone left a coffee on my desk. it was closed... i thought it must be a gift. but no, someone forgot it. ha.

last night my boyfriend and i spent a LONG TIME booking hotels for california. california is not cheap. a couple of years ago i road tripped down south and hotels were cheap - like $30-$40 cheap. now it's more like $90-150. some are even more. and they don't even look that great. here is what we've got so far:

day one - arrive around noon - sleep in san francisco

day two - pick up car - sleep in santa cruz

day three - sleep in santa barbara

day four - sleep in hollywood

day five - sleep in hollywood (there is lots to do around here obviously...)

day six - sleep in laguna beach (finding a hotel here was a nightmare)

day seven - drive back to san francisco and sleep there (the only hotel we still need to book)

day eight - back to toronto

it's good that we got a car, because we can visit all the beaches and stuff. i'm sure parking will be a nightmare. i don't even want to think about it ha. i am going about picking up local transit though. already i've figured out how to take the BART (bay area rapid transit) from the airport to the stop closest to our hotel. SMRT.

i didn't work out this morning, but i might before the concert tonight. we were up late last night!

what is everyone's favourite subway sub? and make it healthy! thank youuuuuuuuuu.


Anonymous said...

mine is seriously veggie. MMMM. you can get that and baked lays for 4 pts. YUMMO

Jen said...

You just got "faith" stuck in my head!!!!

Your trip sounds so awesome!!!! Sucks that hotels are expensive (I HATE paying for hotels...why pay so much for a place where 80% of the time you are sleeping???)...I am super envious of you going to Hollywood though...

mmm, roasted chicken with Honey Mustard...and right now Lobster with a little light mayo...and then I load em up with a bunch of veggies and ESPECIALLY hot peppers...

Bi0nicw0man said...

I'm boring. Always with the turkey for me, cuz that's what I've always liked! I get it on one of the Italian style breads just for something extra. Lotsa mustard, no mayo anymore, but lotsa lettuce, double tomatoes, and pickles!

SeaBreeze said...

the BART system is awesome. Very seldom is it on-time though and learning how to read the screens at first can be stressful. You should have an easy time of it from the Airport though, as there is only really one way to go.

Amy said...

That sounds like the best trip EVER!

Sara said...

have fun tonight at George Michael!!

carla said...

hope last night was FUN!
I adore him...and his late night bathroom escapades.

pictures to share?


SaraDru said...

Golita or Carpenteria are just north and south of Santa Barbara. They are both cheaper places to stay. Parc 55 in Union Square in SF normally has good rates(well good for SF) and the BART stops right in front of it. Be careful about where you stay in Hollywood. Most of it is pretty ghetto...just saying. Have fun!
-Cali Girl

P.O.M. said...

Sounds so fun. Oh, in Laguna: For the best views, grab a drink at the rooftop bar. It's on top of El Camino Hotel, which is a dump, but the rooftop bar is awesome. Go during the day. Also, Javiers is the latest "hot spot" especially if you want to see all the plastic surgery nightmare chicks. ha ha.

My fav Subway is a turkey on wheat with all the veggies (except onions) plus jalepenos & pepperoncini(sp?). Yum.

Adora said...

Ok, totally telling my age here, but the 2nd concert I ever saw was George Michael back in...hmmm...1989? It was a great show!