Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend is OVER

the weekend is finally over and not a moment too soon. i need to get my bumhoolio into gear. my jeans felt so tight all weekend... they are tight anyway but it's getting obscene. i really feel like a fatty mcbutterpants today. so... no sense whining about it... time to get moving. here is my plan.

1) exercise it up.

2) count calories.

3) no drinking booze.

4) no nighttime snacking.

5) water... a lot of it.

the situation isn't *that* out of control so i'm hoping that even a few days will make a big diff.

this morning i went down to the treadmill to run. normally i hate the dreadmill, but i was excited about it today because i found this 45-minute treadmill plan online. so i did that this morning, but instead of stopping at 45-min, i continued running until 55 minutes so i could reach 5-miles. it was a really good workout, especially with some of the crazy inclines.

that being said, my bum pain is out of control. it was fine all weekend and then this morning it hurt soooooo much. just at the beginning for walking, and cool down at the end of the workout. i guess during the run my endorphins are pumping through the pain. now i am gimping like gimpy magoo. i don't like it! i will sit in a bath tonight to make it feel better.

here is a picture of the dress:

it looks like i have three arms, don't you think? but such a great dress... i love it :o)

today on the menu is:

cinnamon weight control oatmeal
1/2 cup all bran
1 T flax
source yogurt

1 cup plain 2% yogurt
1/2 cup raspberries
2 T pumpkin
28 baby carrots
2 slices sprouted grains toast

breaded chicken breast
whole wheat pita
with lettuce, onions, tomato, mustard
side of greeny beanies

and hopefully i can stop there.


shelley said...

Thanks for the workout link, I think I'll try it.

Bumm pain - the hills must have aggrivated it. Do you think rest would help? (probably not what you want to hear when your trying to get your skinny jeans to fit better). Or maybe a chiro?

Jennifer said...

Oooh nice workout link, thanks!

The dress looks awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

love the dress. you are too cute.

P.O.M. said...

The dress is perfect - totally you. Is that the one that the crazy bitch said was too small? It fits you perfectly!

Erin said...

I love the dress, especially the shape of it! So nice. I know that I have put on 3 pounds or so, and it just makes me feel crappy AND my pants that were just fitting are now sprouting a muffin top. Definitely good motivation to get my butt moving again and to get me eating better.

Jen said...

I LOVE the dress, you look fabulous!!!

good call on catching things before they get out of hand...not a lot of people can do that!!!

Shirls said...

love, love, love the dress, your rocking it girl!

as for the bum pain, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it simply moves along and that it is not your scaitic nerve, fingers crossed.

Lex said...

GREAT dress!! It looks great!

LOL the pic does look like you have 3 arms hahaha

Mandy said...

LOVE the dress! It's tres chic and the colours are so unique!