Wednesday, May 21, 2008

one day success

i forgot how easy it is to stay motivated when you have one great day under your belt. yesterday i worked out, i didn't snack, i didn't eat anything after dinner, and i stuck to my meal plan. even though it was just one day and this is most likely psychological, i already feel better about myself, and i'm "excited"* to stay on plan today and tomorrow. *excited is obviously a relative term haha.

i was a bit hungry last night when i went to bed but i just sucked it up. i went to bed at 10pm which is unusual for me because i am always pushing it with sleep. i turned out the lights at 10:30 and slept until 6:30 and getting enough sleep truly is an amazing feeling. everytime i get 8 hours i love it, so why don't i make it a priority? do i think waking hours are more productive than sleeping ones? depends on your definition of productive i guess. a healthy body needs sleep so i'm going to start viewing sleep as something productive.

my bum still hurts today, but it's my own fault really. last night i soaked in the tub and it felt a bit better. this morning it felt the same (a bit better) and i went downstairs to the gym, which probably aggravated it again. mama mia! i could *not* work out, but i don't want to right now. exercise relaxes me. i did the 45 running workout that i did yesterday, as well as 15 extra running minutes on the end to make up 5 miles. also some arm strength training and sit-ups.

i am wearing my tight jeans today. they are still too tight, but i wanted to squeeze into them to remind me of what happens when i eat too many rainbow twizzlers. they aren't tight in the waist, i couldn't handle that, more like the thigh and bottom area... so it's not that annoying really.

here is my menu today:

1 packet high fibre berry medley quaker oatmeal
1/2 cup all bran mixed in
1 T ground flax mixed in
1 source yogurt

1 cup plain 2% yogurt
1/2 cup pure pumpkin
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup baby tomatoes
28 baby carrots
1 high fibre pita

can of tuna
steamed cauliflower
2 slices sprouted grains toast
spinach salad with fat free caesar dressing
baby tomatoes


Erin said...

I am the exact same way - once I have a good day, I feel so much better about myself.

Do you think that the bum pain might be your sciatic nerve? That sounds like it to me, I get that sometimes when I run a lot.

Cara said...

I do the same thing with the jeans. Its like punishment and a reminder. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

28 carrots eh? you are too cute. i am happy you are back to being motivated. it feels great.

Jen said...

I love a good day! Definitely makes you feel motivated!!

I hate being hungry before bed...the other night I was STARVING and my husband made himself peanut butter and I went to he followed me and ate it IN then I had cravings AND crumbs! ANyway!

Glad your bum is feeling a bit better!

eurydice said...

erin: i am worried it might be the nerve... i hope not... can that even be cured?

Jenn said...

I know what you meant about that one good day and the domino effect. I think the same thing happens in reverse when we think we already blew it for the day so why not continue being bad. Good for you with having a great day!
I hope your nerve feels better soon. Does it still bother you if you ride the bike instead of jogging? You really might want to give it a few days off. poor thing.

eurydice said...

shannon: yes 28... i am counting calories this week haha and 14 of them are 40 calories.

jen: he ate in front of you? WHOA! the smell of pb would drive me crazy... with food desire.

Erin said...

My sciatic nerve hurt me like crazy when I was pregnant, and then one day something literally popped in my back and it was better. Maybe it was being pinched by a bone or something? I wonder if massage would work? I am not too sure. It sounds like the exact same thing I had, and I still get it a bit when I run a lot.

Crystal said...

Good days are a great motivational tool..we always want more of them. Hope the rest of the week goes just as well.

shelley said...

if it is your nerve you should try a chiropractor. Sometimes with a sciatica it is the muscles around the nerve are inflamed and they push on the nerve, causing pain...sometimes it is the bones being out of align that are rubbing the nerve. Also you could try ibuprofen as an anti-imflammatory, or sit on an ice pack (10-15 minutes every hour). Hope you feel better soon.

I tried that work out yesterday and really liked it many calories are you burning? I did the running version and I showed a little over 550 burned - very cool.

Shirls said...

nice work, I always feel the same about getting one really good day under my belt, somehow it pushes you along. I'm very thrilled with my last good week and now I want another one..

I have a rule against jogging pants as going around getting things done pants, actually against any that don't have a button and fly, its good to have fitted pants to remind you at the dinner table that your done.

eurydice said...

jenn: it doesn't really hurt while i'm running... a bit of pain... and not while biking (although i didn't bike today b/c of rain)... i think workout endorphins outweigh the pain.

erin: does that mean i need someone to massage my bum!?

shelley: i did some more research online and found this test (lie down, bring one leg up with knee straight and try to flex the foot back)... anyhoo if this causes pain it's probably the nerve. it didn't cause any pain... my coworker gave me a robaxacet which i didn't want to really take but i did... it's possible that it could be a hamstring pull. my groin also hurts on the one side. -- and for the workout i am not burning that many calories... even with running... between 275 and 350. even if i keep running at minute 40 until 55 and then walk until 60, i'm only at 450 cals burned.

eurydice said...

shirls: that's funny about the pants! i would never wear jogging pants (or pajama pants) for any situation but sleeping and jogging. i do wear tight leggings if i really want to lounge... but they are tight.

i've read that you can monitor your weight by how your jeans fit. if they fit - you're cool. if they are tight, maybe you should step it up a bit. i am not ready for that!