Monday, May 5, 2008

hello monday

well - it's monday and i feel pretty good today. but only because i forced myself to get into bed at midnight, and slept until 7:45am, skipping morning exercise. i am going to workout later.

i am at home right now. i was at work for a bit. on friday at about 3pm the roof in the hallway collapsed from the rain, and big pieces of black mold and ceiling and the lighting fixtures and wires all crashed down to the ground. i work in an old building... really old. it used to be a shipping dock when the waters of lake ontario came further up the shore. part of my building is an historic site that can't be destroyed, but part of it (my part) can. they are trying to sell it to build condos, but somebody along the lines is having trouble with permits... anyway, they refuse to do any maintenance on the building because they want to sell it and tear it down. so our hallway has been flooding and small pieces of the roof has come down and finally it really came down.

so we sent some "samples" of the mold to a mold detection company, so see if it's safe or whatever, and until we know, we are working from home. i couriered myself a bunch of stuff so i'll actually be working. but it's good because now i feel like a lady of leisure.

summer challenge:
i finished up 15 miles for week one. it wasn't easy. 15 miles is a lot. it's three, five mile runs, or four shorter runs. but i prefer not to run on consecutive days so something has got to give. i think i'll aim for three longer runs, but if it's not possible, then i'll just do more.

my week one new veggie is a total cop out. i looked in the grocery store but all the new veggies looked so weird to me... i would have no idea how to prepare any of them. i'm going to have to pre-plan this stuff and come up with a recipe beforehand. so my week one veggie is BOK CHOY. i had it in a beef chow mein dish in a chinese food restaurant in china town. it was wilty and gross. i'm sure if i prepared it myself it would be better. that is why it's a cop out haha.

today's menu is:

1/2 cup mixed berries (0.5)
1 serving special k satisfaction cereal (3)
1 cup light silk soy milk (1)
coffee (0)

1/2 piece rye bread (0.5)
source yogurt with pumpkin and fibre sprinkles (2)

pita (2)
lean chicken (1)
cheese (1)
avocado (1)
honey mustard (0.5)
lettuce (0)
tomato (0)

source yogurt (1)
oatmeal (2)

big salad with lettuce (0)
poppyseed dressing (2)
peas (1)
veggie burger (2)
almonds (2)


Cara said...

Wow that is crazy about the work situation. But working from home is amazing. I love it, even if it is only one day a week.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Welcome to the land of working in your PJs! or yoga pants. or ugly faded old sweatpants from previous BFs college days. haha.

Bok Choy is usually pretty good. If you do it yourself, look for baby bok choy...more tender and sweet. If you can't find a recipe, just steam it and serve with a bit of butter.

Erin said...

Yuck, mold really grosses me out. When we renovated our bathroom, we found all this mold in the floor where water was leaking from the toilet, and you could tell that the guy before us knew about it and did a really bad job fixing it. But we ripped the whole bathroom out, so it is good now. Hopefully it is not really bad mold!

Jennifer said...

Oooh it must be nice to work at home in your PJs! Enjoy it! :) 15 miles is a lot... but good for you! I'm averaging about 12 miles of running a week and it IS hard.

Jennifer said...

Oooh it must be nice to work at home in your PJs! Enjoy it! :) 15 miles is a lot... but good for you! I'm averaging about 12 miles of running a week and it IS hard.

ashley said...

15 miles IS a lot!

And please let us know how you are preparing your Bok Choy. I am sooo intimidated by it! :-/

Happy Monday!

Laura said...

Enjoy your bok choy. Next week you should try swiss chard. It comes in all kinds of colours and you prepare it like spinach. I like to mix mine with some cannelini beans, tomatoes and some pasta. Tasty!

I love veggies. :)

Anonymous said...

lady of leisure. hehe. that reminds me when my ex's grandma asked me if I was a lady of leisure because I wasn't working at the time. HAHHHA.

Shirls said...

wow! the roof caved at work? that is major, and crazy. I hope the mold thing tests the right way, keeping my fingers crossed. Working at home though? sweet!

running thing, I never do in miles but I try for 15km a week, usually 3 5km runs

P.O.M. said...

That same thing happened in MY APARTMENT about 2 years ago! And it all landed on my bed. I kid you not. So gross.

I love bok choy when at restaurants, but I'm intimidated to buy it and try to cook it. Let me know how it turns out.

PS: My dream in life is to be a lady of leisure :)

Fatinah said...

awesome job getting your 15 miles in!!

Crystal said...

And here I thought I had it bad when our plumbing was on the fritz on the first floor. I'd say you have quite the disaster there...but at least you get to work from home-bonus.

Vanessa said...

That's crazy/gross about the mold. Very cool that you get to work from home though :).

Lex said...

MMMMMMMMm bok choy is SOO GOOD (to me anyway)
its soo easy and fast to cook. when I've cooked it I usually boil it then blanch it (i think thats waht its called when you toss it into a bowl of ice water after)
There's not a LOT of flavor but it is good for you! good luck! I had that salmon & bok choy recipe from chatelaine but I can't find it anymore. It was salmon cooked in the oven with hoisin sauce, then cook the bok choy like i mentioned above. Good mix!

good luck on the mold situation. I'd LOVE to work from home! haha

Lex said...

*Sigh* of COURSE I found the recipe AFTER I posted. here are the links & pics:

you'll probably have to copy & paste in a new browser