Friday, May 23, 2008

fantastic friday TEN

good morning everyone... here is a friday list.

1) friday... dreaded weigh-in day. 119.0 wahoo! that's 1.8 less than last week. and i'm sure i was more than 120.8 on tuesday morning. there is something to be said for taking care of business right away. now i am back in my maintenance range. PHEWF. hard work (exercising hardcore and counting calories) pays off.

2) it's so interesting to hear where people gain weight first. i would love to gain weight in my boobs! ;o) unfortunately that is not the case.

3) my groin pain is pretty much gone. thank the good lord above. my bum pain is very minimal. i didn't need to take a bath or use a heating pad last night and this morning i was a loose goose.

4) speaking of geese, i got this chinese proverb in my email from sparkpeople today: "Listen to all, plucking a feather from every passing goose, but follow no one absolutely." ooooohhhh kaaayyyyyy. i get it, but it doesn't really relate to healthy living. some opinions should not be plucked off the goose!

5) this morning i went to the gym and did a 5 mile run, using the 45-min running interval workout i posted earlier this week. after 40 mins (before the cool down), i ran for an extra 15 minutes to get to 5 miles. hard. core.

6) i am drinking a coffee from second cup (hazelnut) instead of office coffee today. normally i don't do this to save money, but sometimes office coffee is totally nast. and my office stopped buying milk so my options are a) black or b) coffeemate, both which appeal to me on a rare occasion but not today. yummmmm coffee.

7) i have a busy weekend lined up. tonight is my boyfriend's music and art event. his band is not playing, but some good ones are, and the artists he booked are really rad. there is one that draws "unflattering portraits." click on the link and check it out... it's really cool and i am going to have one done. then on saturday my boyfriend and i have dance class, and it's a friends birthday bbq at night. on sunday i am going to my cousin's wedding shower in dundas, ontario... that's far :o(... at least i only have to drive to my parent's house, and my mom will drive the rest of the way.

8) i got a free sample in the mail. it came with a powerbar and a little liquid packet of "gel" or something gross in strawberry banana flavour. all it is is 25g of sugar! i am never going to use this.... ever! the thought of it really grosses me out. i might try the powerbar but since it is 200 calories, i can't imagine eating more than 1/2 at one time.

9) this gets me thinking about fueling before a workout. some people really consume way more then they need to. before AND after a workout. you don't want to negate the effects of the workout by eating more than you burned! i'm talking regular workouts, not training for a marathon or anything crazy. i guess it's different for everyone. personally, when i workout in the morning i don't need to eat anything beforehand. if my stomach is growling before i go, then i'll eat something, but if it's not, i don't bother. if i get hungry 1/2 way through i just suck it up... food will come soon, it's not the end of the world. i usually plan my workouts to be before a meal, so i don't need to replenish anything with a snack... i just eat regularly. what do you do?

10) my boyfriend said he got me a present related to my "fitness hobby." i wonder what it could be. he went to a few different nutrition stores and most didn't carry this specific product. i am so intrigued... what could it be? he says that i don't know that this exists but i'm going to love it. hmmmmm.

anyway that's all. oh, here is today's menu:

2 cherries
more coffee

apple cinnamon oatmeal with
1 T flax
1/3 cup all bran
2 T pumpkin
small scoop of trail mix
fat free vanilla pear yogurt

2 fat free blueberry yogurts
1/2 cup pumpkin
1/2 cup raspberries

high fibre pita with
PB2 peanut butter
a banana :)

dinner... eating out with girlfriends before the really big shoe.


Jen said...

OOH lots of goodies to talk about today hey???

First of all, that's awesome what a couple of good days can do for you!

Second, Second cup coffee, yum!! Coffeemate, blech!!

Third, I agree with the "fueling"...most of us will never starve to death...I think hunger just takes over at times (I kind of talked about that a bit today...trying to figure things out!)

have a good weekend!! Enjoy your show tonight!

CaRoLyN said...

Hmmm What could it be. Now we are all curious! Can't wait to read about it.

YAY for the loss. You earned it!

Whether I work out or don't work out I eat the same food. I will admit that I find myself a little hungrier on days that I workout but I workout right after work so I know supper is just a half an hour away so I suck it up and go home and cook. The hardest thing is to keep from snacking while cooking.

Very fun weekend planned, have fun and drive carefully! :)

shelley said...

Yay on the loss - now you can rest your bumm!

I find it odd when people have block shots and gel on 5k's?? I thought those were for marathons only - maybe half marathons.

I hate waiting to find out what presents are!

Shirls said...

fitness hobby? that term cracks me up? who knew I had a hobby? LOL

I eat after a workout but not purposely before and like you I eat after simply because its usually lunch time regardless of the workout and I'm hungry.

I can't wait to hear what your fitness hobby gift was..