Thursday, May 8, 2008

thursday, back at work - and book reviews

hello. it's thursday and i'm back at work. i don't technically *have* to come in, but i want to. why? because my heart rate monitor is here! i have it in my hands - finally! it's been so long. now i have to read the thousand page instruction booklet it came with. and i wanted to come in because a) i don't have any more work at home to do and b) yesterday i didn't leave my building once and that's depressing. i am a person that can easily become a hermit.

first things first - here is my haircut. it actually looks cute in these pictures. i think i look a little like a shakespearean boy who is playing a female in a play, but that's probably ridiculous. it sounds ridiculous! anyway, now i'm more cool with the length... it flips under my chin if i don't straighten it which i hate so i'll just have to straighten it... every day. and my bangs are too short but they will grow so fast.

and now for some book reviews:
1) Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You by Jillian Michaels.

my review: this book is interesting. it's for people who really want to shape up and lose that last 0-20 pounds and get a really defined, toned, strong body. the idea is good, except it's too rigid. you have to follow a specific exercise program and meal plan, right down to the recipe. and it's mostly about strength training, not cardio. i like strength training but i really like cardio. so all in all, i think this book is good for advice, and i'm going to copy some fitness moves and recipes, but there is no way in hell i would follow a plan like this for 30 days. maybe if i lived alone on top of a mountain and had a personal chef and didn't have to interact with any other humans... then and only then would this plan work for me. and there is no booze allowed. :o(

2) How Not to Look Fat by Danica Lo

my review: this book is supercute. personally, i think the title is eye-catching and hilarious but i think some people may be turned off by it. i showed this book to my sister and she looked at me in disgust and said, "you do not look fat, why are you reading that?" but then, after she flipped through the book, she was really into it. i didn't pick this book up because i think i look fat. i don't. this book is a funny guidebook for women. it wants you to accept and embrace the shape you have and then accentuate your best assets by wearing things that flatter you the best. it talks about underwear, suits, shoes, bathing suits, jeans, shirts... everything. for example, did you know that a three-quarter length sleeve is the most flattering for all women? it's true. even my boyfriend liked the idea of this book (i left it in the bathroom). he said the illustrations were really cute. and they are. a worthwhile read and nice classic style guide in my opinion.

this morning i ran 5 miles bringing me to 10/15 for the summer challenge (this week). i still need a vegetable. today on the menu is:

all bran bar (2)
astro yogurt (1)
shreddied shoved in my mouth (1)

apple cinnamon oatmeal (2)
added flax and pumpkin (1)
added shreddies (2)
2 clementines (1)

pc blue menu lasagna (6)
carrots and hummus (1)

apple (1)
source yogurt (1)

peas (1)
veggie burger on pita (3)


Anonymous said...

ya you are so adorable.

Erin said...

I love the haircut! I want bangs, but I am afraid to try them...I think I just need to be brave.

jodi said...

i love the bangs too! i've had mine super short and once i got used to them, i hate it when they 'grow out'... funny how things change... :o)

Jen said...

Those bangs look FANTASTIC on you (were you looking for brow grazing bangs??? Cause these look very mod, but I can picture the look you were going for!)...and you are gorgeous! Just had to say that!!

I think the "how not to look fat" book sounds cute!! A LOT of people could benefit from learning how to dress properly!!! I am going to look for the book!! thanks!

Laura said...

Fabulous hair! I'm a big fan of bangs so I'm glad you went for it.

Growing them out's a pain but it's worth it while you have them. :)

ashley said...

You look fantastic! And I love the colors of your clothes. You are too cute.

P.O.M. said...

You have such great hair!

Amanda said...

I am loving the hair!! And I really like your dark hair color too. I'm really curious about that Jillian Michaels book.Was the meal plan like utterly ridiculous? Does she have you eating celery and cabbage? Because that is not cool.

Fatinah said...

your hair looks freakin awesome you brat!

shelley said...

I agree with everyone else - those strong bangs look FanFrickinTastic on you. I like the length because you can still see your pretty eyebrows.

Lex said...

i loveeeeeee your hair! you are sooo beautiful!!

nice book reviews - i love your reviews! LOL i definitely want to pick up the 2nd one!

Jennifer said...

Eurydice you are so cute. Will you be my older sister? Pretty please? I've always wanted one.


carla said...


Once upon a time I had a fun head----and for some reason Ive stagnated.

(oh and thanks for the reviews too :))