Monday, May 26, 2008

hard to the core to the hard hard core

good morning monday. my weekend was pretty good. friday night was my boyfriend's show. i got my unflattering portrait done - would you like to see it? of course you would!
i really like it! it looks a lot like me... just unflattering haha.

it ended late and with chinese food - but i didn't feel bad about it since i had done 5 miles that morning and usually on fridays i take it easy. on saturday i ran 4 miles outside... which was nice because it was a really beautiful day. my boyfriend and i had our dance class (tango, rumba, salsa, swing), went grocery shopping, and went to a friend's birthday bbq. fun! yesterday i went to a wedding shower and pigged out on scoops - those tortilla chips. the bowl was right in front of me during present opening... which took a long time... resulting in many many scoops.

and now it is monday. i set my alarm for 6:45am, hit the snooze, thought about not exercising, then exercising after work, then thinking there is NO WAY i am going to want to do anything after work on a monday, so i went downstairs and hit the gym. i ran a surprisingly easy 5 miles, all at a 2% incline, switching the speed up from 5.5 mph every 2 minutes, up until 6.3, then i ran 2 minutes at 7 mph and the cycle started again. my knees didn't hurt at all (which is amazing for running for 50 minutes) and my bum pain is pretty much gone. i am healed! phewf... i was worried for a bit. and now that my workout is over for today i feel grrrreeeeaaaat.

i am reading this book called "souvenir" by therese fowler... here it is... it's pretty good - i find myself thinking about it all of the time.

today on the menu is:

high fibre berry oatmeal
1/2 cup all bran
1 T flax
coffee with skim milk

1 cup plain 2% yogurt
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 cup strawberries
14 baby carrots (yes, 14!)
2 slices sprouted grains toast

shrimp pita sandwich =
high fibre pita
side of green, yellow beans and carrots


Jen said...

*laughs* your picture made me giggle!!

Sounds like you had a good weekend!!! I went to a baby shower yesterday and had to force myself away from the food...they had a chocolate fountain...and yesterday I discovered that I LIKE bananas if they are dipped in chocolate (um, and also cream puffs) yeah!!! Glad it wasn't right in front of me!!!

Good for you for hauling your butt to the gym when you didn't want to!

shelley said...

Don't you just love the feeling of euphoria you get from knowing your workouts are done for the day - good job forcing yourself out of bed, I have a hard time doing that myself.

Love the portrait!

Sara said...

it's so weird - that pic totally does look like you just not as good!!

Good work making yourself exercise this morning!!

Crystal said...

love the picture! sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Good job getting that exercise in today..mondays are usually the hardest for motivation, aren't they..

Born to Run said...

I love the "This is you" written on your portrait -- super cute.

Great job on all the exercise!

Lex said...

haha that pic is too funny!

The book you're reading looks great also.

nice job with the gym!!

Cara said...

Wow you are pretty hard core ;-) Love the title!

Shirls said...

I often have the same talk with myself in the morning... and come to the same conclusion, do it now.

I love the picture, such talent!

be careful with running on a steady incline with no break, it tends to shorten up the hix flexor after a period of time, better to vary the up and down :0)

P.O.M. said...

Oh my gosh - that pic is hilarious. I would hate to see one of me like that. ha ha.

eurydice said...

shirls: i find that a 2% incline feels like i'm running flat, and that a 0% incline feels like i'm running downhill! if that makes sense... maybe because i'm used to running outside?