Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hair postpone

i'm supposed to post a photo of my new hair today but i'm not going to. why? i just don't feel very cute today. maybe it's because i just put on the tightest jeans of all time and can barely breathe. i shouldn't complain - they always have been tight, and i just washed them. they are black guess jeans i got from the junior department in winners. hot stuff. but damn, so friggin' tight. i worked up a sweat doing those stretch-your-tight-ass-pants lunges that all girls do, unless you are sensible enough to buy jeans that fit properly of course.

i woke up at 9:30 after 10.5 hours (!!!) of sleep and had to start working (at my kitchen table) right away so i could courier something out.

i didn't shower until about an hour ago and my hair is... ok. before straightening it's all poufy and going in all directions and not the best. after straightening it's a bit better.

i am going back to work tomorrow (for sure) and my computer at work has a built in camera so i will take a photo then. right now i want to vacuum before my bf gets here for date night. i wanted to do some reading with a coffee, but between showering, and laundry, and going to the gym, and vacuuming, there just isn't time. wah wah wah.

today i went to the gym around 2pm and did 30 minutes incline walking on the treadmill, and 4 miles (about 12 minutes) on the bike. i just wasn't feeling the long workout today. i wanted to be feeling it, but my body said, "take a break buddy" and i said, "ok." speaking of work outs my heart rate monitor is DEFINITELY at my office right now so i'll have it tomorrow. about friggin' time! i've said "friggin'" twice in this post. weird, because i don't say it in real life. i don't swear really either so i don't know where i got "friggin'" from. anyhoo.

today on the menu is:

1/3 cup red river cereal
2 clementines

1 fat free astro yogurt (yes, i'm switching up the source)

1 source yogurt with unsweetened almond breeze, an equal sweetener, and chopped strawberries

pita sandwich with:
one pita
tomato paste
lean deli chicken
1 slice swiss
shredded carrots

and carrot chips and garlic hummus on the side. that reminds me, i better brush my teeth. see you tomorrow for a better post, promise!


Amy said...

You are cute as a button. :)

Lex said...

haHAHAH I had to chuckle at the 'stretch - your - tight - ass - pants - lunges' you do LOL. I know those all too well